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    I have an injury. Need opinions.


    I recently had an injury. But I'm not sure why it occurred.
    I was very sore from a workout in the morning. (Running, free squats, Push-ups , pull-ups, sit-ups, followed by stretching).
    I work for an IT company, so my work entails me to sit down most of the time.
    Sometime in the afternoon that day, I stretched out my arms to the side (like you'd do if you've just woken up from sleep). That's when I felt a pull muscle in the right pectoral area towards the center of the chest. Now that area hurts when I bring my right arm across my chest, if I stretch my arm behind and even when I sneeze. Any contraction of the muscles in this area causes pain. It's been 2 weeks now, the pain has reduced, but it still hurts in some angles.
    I have gone to a physician, and all he has advised me is rest. He admitted that he has never had a case like this before. I sometimes fear it may be a nerve pinch or something
    My question is: have any of you faced a similar injury in the past? If so what did you do?
    What did it turn out to be?
    I ask you just to know the possibilities of what may have happenned.



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    Weird dude but I wouldn't worry about being the next tre telligman.

    Never had any muscle problems or tears on my pecs, which is what it sounds like since it's right about where the connective tissue is. If it's not getting better on its own I'd see a sports-med specialist. They'll probably have you do some phys therapy movements to rehab the problem area.
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    Sports injury Dr is who to see. That and he'll rec a pt, hopefully one that does athletic training. I asked the pt why my chest "crunched" when I shrugged and she said it was because I no longer had tissue connecting the shoulder and breast bone, got it tore up in a mt bike wreck. And as usual, was told to do endless light reps of dif stuff to help.
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