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    Ankle problems and cardio training

    Yeah, I don't think the thread title needs much explaining. Anyway, today I twisted my ankle pretty badly after having tripped over one of my kid brother's toys left on the staircase, and it hurts quite a bit to put any weight on it at all (of course I'm not putting any weight on it because of that, even though that means I have to jump on my right leg like some retarded rabbit to get around), but I don't want my training for my possible fight to lag behind, so while I know most of the stuff is out because I can't put weight on the left foot, I was wondering if anyone knew any cardiovascular workouts that one could do in that kind of situation (I could ignore all forms of common sense and do the stuff that requires weight on the ankle anyway, but that would make things worse), since I want to at least keep my stamina up. Didn't see this in a search, so sorry if it's already been asked.

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    Tie your legs together and just use your upper body when swimming.
    Please take videos for my amusement.

    Also, RICE it.
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    Dont know how badly inured your ankle is, so:
    Probably nothing till you can stand on it relaitvely pain free, then...
    Get on your bike?
    Elliptical trainer at the gym?
    If you can stand - power clean intervals?
    What about Press up tabata? chin up tabata? rope climbs?

    You probably wont lose a lot of condition if you're out for a few days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick K
    You probably wont lose a lot of condition if you're out for a few days.
    Truth. Rest isn't a bad thing. Take the weekend easy and see how it is next week.
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    Definitely take it easy.

    For a long time I tried pushing thru pain until my trainer told me:

    "that no pain no gain stuff dont work"

    Get two buckets or cooking pots big enough to fit your ankle into it. Fill one with hot water (as hot as you feel comfy) and one with very cold water. Soak it in 1 for 30 seconds, then the other, back and forth until the water is luke warm. Replace water, or dry off, put some pain creame on it and rest it easy.

    If you're nutty like most of us, and have to work out in some way. Just work you're abs in every way shape and form, that should keep the workout juice flowing.

    Actually theres lots of strange things people can do like that. I have this 1 gallon cooler next to me right now, if im watching tv or something ill pick it up and work my bad shoulder here and there all day.

    In the car I have these small weights I will hold with my right hand, and extend it out to the side like a jab, and just hold it there while I sit in traffic or something.

    Having teatherbands for varios stationary upper body excersizes works well at home too.

    Good luck.

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    RICE, RICE, RICE. Don't be a dumbass. I'm telling you from painfull experience. Don't be a dumbass and get a couple of days off.

    See if you can buy an ankle wrap, or a 4" ACE wrap and secure your ankle. That act alone helps your ankle so much. When you are not icying it, apply icy-hot or tiger balm. Take ibuprofen or tylenol as well.

    Now, if you are really set into working out with an injury (we've all been here), there are a lot of things that you can do without putting pressure in your ankle.

    In my BJJ class sometimes we do a "warmup" (warmup my ass) consisting entirely of ab crunches and push ups as follows:

    50 ab crunches
    20 push ups
    10 second stretch (laying on your back, hands extending away from your head, feet pointing away from your hip - be careful with your ankle)

    Repeat that 6 times. That will give you 300 ab crunches and 120 push ups. You can replace the ab crunches with side crunches or leg lifts between the sets. It is duable and a good warm up. Also, you can do that several times a day if you are at home. Hell, if your ankle can take the movement, I'd throw some jumping push ups in one or more of those sets.

    It isn't really cardio as most people understand that term, BUT if you do those reps as fast as possible with little to no breaks in between, that won't feel much different from doing sprints :tongue6:

    A stationary bike is also a good option unless your ankle is really fucked up. An elyptical may still give you some problems, so I'd advise to stay away from it for the time being.

    I don't think you should do anything else other than rest. Good luck.
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