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    Quote Originally Posted by moacin View Post
    Hi, first post

    I just tried to put up a semi-lengthy post with links and the like, but the short version is if you look up Mr. Sniffen's biography he now lists an extensive fight record and a host of championships won in the 80s.

    Also by googling his name a page comes up detailing his supposed recent 1st round dismantling of somebody to win the New Mexico MMA Senior Heavyweight Championship. I haven't found anything else about the belt or the event.
    see this link: TIGERS-2008.htm

    I think that's what you're talking about. In my opinion it is completely fraudulent, made up, and likely penned by Sniffen himself. Let's see:

    1. Neither the organization or Ric's opponent seem to exist. No record of the event or that fighter.
    2. The event Ric's opponent supposedly fought in before fighting Ric, the Southern California MMA Smash, doesnt seem to have ever existed.
    3. The over-detailed, aggrandizing style of the article indicates it's likely to have been written by Ric himself.
    4. The author "Pipen Delmonica" cant seem to be found anywhere else. And that's a pretty distinctive name, it'd stick out like a sore thumb in a web or background search.

    If someone can find corroborating evidence for the story, please do. So far it seems like yet one more made up piece of Sniffen's history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arclight View Post
    see this link: TIGERS-2008.htm
    Let's make sure we nip the new argument before it starts. This is a 2008 event and not a 1988 event. It is getting to the point where every event is on the web in some form or another. So, let's not go to the OMG you can't find it on the web.

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    I trained bbriefly under the guymon Ric Sniffen.... and I really don't want to read the hundreds of posts involved in this thread.... I'll answer any questions I can, if somebody can link me to where said pic is I would love to verify.

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