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    I am going to go out and start a fight with a random stranger and put this "Slapping" into practice.

    Hopefully I am able to slap myself harder then he slaps me.

    That will guarantee my victory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryukasagi
    Care to tell me what parts you take issue with?
    You gotta be fucking kidding. You don't see the stupidity of your previous post? Here, let me help you:

    Quote Originally Posted by you
    I'm doing Kenpo right now actually, and the slapping yourself has two functions that i know of the first being the shockwave it sends through into the other person that Elky previously mentioned. I'm a bit sceptical of this but it does make a little sense.
    Why does it make sense, if if by just a little bit? Do you even know what a shockwave is?

    Quote Originally Posted by you
    The second part of it stems from the Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and in essence when you do the slap on yourself it is faster than stoping your hand and restarting it in the other direction and you basically use your body to ricochet your hand off of you and into your opponet faster. This one makes a lot more sense to me.
    This one will never, ever make any sense to anyone with the most rudimentary understanding of physics. You are seriously abusing Newton's third law of motion. The third law of motion does not imply that it is faster to slap yourself than stopping your hand and restarting on the opposite direction.

    Anyone with a base understanding of human anatomy knows this. Most important of all, anyone who has ever thrown a fucking strong punch knows this.

    Learn physics and stop misquoting the laws of motion.

    Learn some anatomy so that you don't spout this "faster to slap" sissy arm punching nonsense.

    Learn how to throw a real punch so that you know why people are taking issue with your post.

    Oh, and learn how to write properly, use punctuation marks and capitalize appropriately.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryukasagi
    Care to tell me what parts you take issue with?
    The only "shockwaves" slapping yourself will cause in an opponent are those related to gut-busting, knee-slapping laughter. No other "shock-waves" would occur...only those caused by mirth.

    As for the "ricochet" business, what kind of fighter would be so completely bereft, in knowledge of basic physics, as to be ignorant of the fact that considerable force is lost every time kinetic energy is transferred to anything but the intended target?

    So, um, issue is taken with the entire fucking thing...

    ...but have a nice day anyways.

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