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    Optimum training schedule

    Iíve have been training 4day weeks one week and 5 days the next at three most I get 2 consecutive days rest a week is this enough.??
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    Seriously, everyone is different. If you don't feel like you're over training - and you would - you're probably ok. It wouldn't kill you to take a week off if you're concerned.

    also, there's a whole forum for training tips and advice and whatever. Good reading there.
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    Hah. That's what you get when you don't use forum defaults and post a thread in the wrong forum.
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    Optimum training schedule

    Itís hard to say mate with overtraining cos only you know how you feel if you know what I mean. Training, diet and preparation are very much interrelated and should be considered in totality. I know a good site winyourmmafight.com which gives a Blueprint That Reveals The 3 Keys To Successful Training, Diet And Preparation For Victory In An MMA Fight!
    Hope this helps.


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