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    Mo chopped down HMC?

    Damn, I just read this on Sherdog (Forums, noit he most reliable source) but if this is true it would just complete a week of incredible upsets!!!!!!!!!
    Now, someone just needs to tell me that Sefo K'dTFO Schilt!! Anyone?


    Edit: Looks like Sefo got KO'd. By Schilt!!!!! Lebanner lost too. I am not happy...
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    Yeah Choi got his brain shook... Sefo was floored badly. Jerome LeBanner lost a decision after being droped in the first and third rounds. Jerome fought a terrible fight he never tried to throw any kicks, never had any succes in trying to cut of the ring and was very predictable with his punches. Karaev - Hari was an awesome fight.

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    Yes Mo dropped him and it was awesome. Choi has only been able to manage wins over lesser skilled opponents or by decisions when fighting in Korea. He got a win over Shilt and Kaoklai by decision in Korea, IMO he should have lost both of those fights, but since it was in Korea and he's the hometown favorite he got the wins.

    I was impressed with his performance against LeBanner where he lost a decision in last year's elimination. But I am not surprised that he got KTFO by Mighty Mo. Mo showed superior hand speed and boxing skills and is a decent fighter. I think that anytime HMC faces a skilled opponent (outside of Korea) his chances of winning will not be very good. I linked the fight below enjoy.


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    Mo has a monster overhand right, and I am glad HMC got KTFO. Hari gave the match of the night, and Saki's fight was good too-- insane display of low kicks in that fight.


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