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    Question about an Arnis school

    Have any of you FMA practioners heard of a Modern Arnis teacher named Ken Smith? He teaches outta Orland Park, Il

    http://www.islanderskarate.com/Home1.htm (heres his school)

    I've heard from others that he is just a fantastic practioner and fighter.

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    I know ken from a Modern Arnis camp a few years ago. He is a very skilled Arnis Practitioner and his students are very skilled. As far as being a fantastic fighter, I've never seen him fight so I can't make that assessment. I will say this, I am considering starting back up with Modern Arnis in a few months and he is one of two instructors in chicagoland that top my list.

    Definately check them out. Also, please watch at least 2 classes as one day they do weapons and the other they do only empty hand. I would love to hear a report about his school.


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