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    180® - Energy Drink

    Manufacturer: Anhueser Busch, Inc., St. Louis, Missouri, 63118

    Size: 16 fluid oz.

    Flavors: Orange Citrus Blast, Lemon-Lime Citrus Blast, Blue with Acai

    Available in Sugar Free: Yes (lemon-lime citrus blast)

    Date of Review: March 2, 2007

    Price: $1.99

    Flavor Reviewed: Orange Citrus Blast

    Website: http://www.180.com/

    Ingredients (amount per serving times (2)):
    Serving Size – 8 oz.
    Bottle Size – 16 oz (all amounts listed below will be appropriately doubled to show actual amount in bottle)
    Caffeine – 180 mg
    Calories – 240
    Proprietary Blend – None
    Other Supplements –
    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin B6
    • Vitamin B12
    • Guarana

    Carbohydrates – 66 g
    (Sugar, 60 g)

    Taste Rating Scale is 1 (absolute shite) through 10 (tastes like happy)

    Taste: 6 – Very sweet Sunkist orange soda. Nothing new; nothing surprising; just plain ‘ole carbonated orange soda.

    After Taste: 3 – A little bit syrupy in the back like you chewed orange peels into a mushy paste and put it toward the back of your mouth like some sort of gross citrus chewing tobacco.

    Effects Rating Scale is 1 (water) through 10 (check in to rehab NOW!)

    Energy Boost: 7 – Good bump of energy here. Frankly this surprised me a bit because it would appear that the only caffeine in the drink comes from the guarana. Where most energy drinks throw a guarana/caffeine one-two punch at you, 180® lets the fruit of South America do the talking rather than some crappy quasi-amphetamine made in a Petri dish in some lab somewhere. Hooooorayyyy hippies!!!! Down with the man……man.

    Side Effects/Crash: 5 – A little bit of lethargy about 4 hours after drinking. This is probably due to the high sugar content.
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    Heh, someone appreciates the review!

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    1. Review energy drink;
    2. Have it referenced in some blog;
    3. .....
    4. Make profit...

    It is all coming together nicely....

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    Awesome. Golden Jonas' love for caffeine is now legendary.


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