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    surely lennox lewis thing would be easily verifiable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alex View Post
    surely lennox lewis thing would be easily verifiable?
    No kidding. Jesus, do any newspapers do fact checking anymore?

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    WTF is a "stone"? fucking caveman ****
    "Judo is a study of techniques with which you may kill if you wish to kill, injure if you wish to injure, subdue if you wish to subdue, and, when attacked, defend yourself" - Jigoro Kano (1889)
    ***Was this quote "taken out of context"?***

    "The judoist has no time to allow himself a margin for error, especially in a situation upon which his or another person's very life depends...."
    ~ The Secret of Judo (Jiichi Watanabe & Lindy Avakian), p.19

    "Hope is not a method... nor is enthusiasm."
    ~ Brigadier General Gordon Toney

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim_Jude View Post
    WTF is a "stone"? fucking caveman ****
    lol, British unit of weight equivalent to 14 pounds (6.35029 kg).
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    OK I thought I would check this out a little bit more.

    Turns out that the source of the story on the CNJ was the PR dept of the Royal Free Hospital who shared this story that first appeared on their website

    I phoned Danielle Vincent just now and spoke to her.

    She said that the surgeon had approached her with the story and that she ran it as a PR story for the cardiology department.

    So the CNJ and any other local rags will have run the story on the back of the Royal Free Press Release.

    I explained to Danielle that many people in the MA community have serious concerns with Mr Sofos and suggested that she might wish to check with Bullshido or even just with google the next time a martial arts "grand master" is involved in a story.

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    The Power of Sid Sofos
    Sidney Sofocleus: This is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of the bravest fighters.

    Fear of catching whatever gibbering mental and/or physical illness warped this initially (presumably) human man into a grotesque parody of life and reason, that is!

    Mr Sofocleus calls himself “Sid Sofos”. This is inoffensive enough. He calls himself “Grand Master”. This is ludicrous. He calls himself “Sijo”, which is a Chinese term meaning “founder of a style”. This is flatly false, as Sofocleus has no style.

    Quite honestly, Sid Sofos is the epitome of all that is wrong within the martial arts. He is in fact the epitome of everything that is wrong within society, and all that is venal and warped within the darkest recesses of the human spirit. He is wrongness distilled and pressure-packaged into the near-breaking form of an overweight, bullying egotist.

    Imagine an international banking conglomerate made human. Imagine a hedge-fund or a major oil company made flesh… Imagine the act of clubbing a seal anthropomorphised; you would have something akin to Sofos.

    A little background on Sofos is warranted, though the truth may be forever obscured: During the early ’80s, Sid Sofos was allegedly a student of Wing Chun Gung Fu under Simon Lau, a legitimate Wing Chun instructor, for a very brief period of time. (And possibly trained with Nino Bernardo at the well known Wing Chun club “The Basement” as well.) At some point, possibly in 1989, Sofos decided to start his own martial arts school in Tottenham, London, and named it the “Fatshan Academy”, after the province in China associated with some of the major historical figures in the history of Wing Chun.

    Very quickly it became apparent that all was not un-rotten in the state of Sofos. He started making bizarre and unbelievable claims regarding his own abilities, and the capabilities of his martial art (which apparently was no longer restricted to Wing Chun, despite this being the only art Sofos was trained in). At least one former student has alleged that sharp business practices by Sofos included extorting money from his students with a threatening tone, money which was not merely spent on keeping the ludicrous excuse for a school afloat, but was also spent on producing a self-authored video and book glorifying Sofos to an utterly unbelievable degree. Certain of Sofos’ students formed a cultish gaggle of yes-men that bolstered Sofos’ already turgid ego. There were (and still are) extremely strong rumours about a cocaine habit, and indecent exposure. But Sofos continued to peddle his illegitimate wares as if nothing was wrong.

    And then the clips leaked onto the internet.

    Grandmaster Sid Sofos – An Introduction
    More words of wisdom from Sijo
    And Sofos’ own: Wing Chun: Fatshan Academy of Martial Arts

    From the above videos, it is clear to any dispassionate observer that Sidney ‘s physical skill doesn’t reach the level of bad comedy. It is likewise clear that he has the charisma of a squashed rodent, and the rhetorical skill of a youthful Victorian chimney-sweep.

    All the very worst things to be found in the martial arts are found in these clips: outright lies; self-aggrandizing bulls**t; no-touch knockouts; overweight and pathetic instructors; pseudo-mystical claptrap; creepy little brown-nosing cultish followers and insultingly potted philosophy.

    So why did people follow this man, despite all this being in the public domain? What is it about the mentally ill that sometimes makes them magnets for a special kind of follower?

    Is obvious fantasy really so palatable?

    Of course the real kicker comes when one actually tries to define what is wrong with Sofos and his martial arts. Well what is wrong? Let’s list some things:

    - He’s insane (and possibly drug-addled).
    - He’s an egotist and a narcissist.
    - He’s sold (at exorbitant prices) impractical nonsense and labelled it martial arts

    So in other words, he’s an insane, egotistical fraud.

    But subtract the actual insanity, and you have a description of the majority of martial arts instructors working in both Europe and the US today. Oh sure, not all instructors will have QUITE the ego that Sofos does… but it is egotistical to practice nothing but drivel and believe yourself worthy to instruct others. This is why it’s so impossible to convince them of the deficiencies in their styles: their egos and identities are deeply invested in the methods they promote. Sadly, even competent fighters are guilty of this kind of ridiculous, pompous idiocy. The high-falluting claims of Rickson Gracie spring to mind…

    The second glaring issue is: How does one stop such an individual from running a school? There is no regulation for martial arts schools. Any nutter can set one up (and clearly, at least one nutter has). There is no clear definition in law as to what skills a martial arts instructor needs to possess in order to call themselves a martial arts instructor.

    Even worse, there is no clear hallmark that confirms the authenticity of an art; On his website Sid Sofos claims to teach Wing Chun. Whatever one feels about the effectiveness of Wing Chun as an art, it’s clear that Sofos does not teach anything approaching what is understood by its practitioners to be “Wing Chun”.

    But just because Wong Shun Leung’s/Victor Kan’s/Etc. students know that Sofos’ ramblings have nothing to do with their art, doesn’t mean they could have stopped him from using the name of Wing Chun to describe what he does. And the uninformed public is- of course- blind as to the difference.

    What’s the alternative? Well, government regulation is one alternative. But even with heavy government involvement, there’s no guarantee of effective martial arts being the norm. Take Korea for example… heavy government influences (ideologically driven) resulted in the homogenisation of Korean Martial arts into the deeply ineffective style known as Tae Kwon Do. Similar circumstances in Japan resulted in the decimation of the older Kempo styles and the formation of Karate as a national standard. So no-go there then, one can’t trust a government farther than one can osoto-gari it.

    In my opinion, the only viable alternative is education and publicity. Shine the lights of open discussion, logical debate and documentary evidence on horrendous ne’er-do-wells like Sofos, and they will scurry under the nearest rotten log, like any self-respecting vermin. And of course, that’s what this blog post has been about.

    Ahhh, if only all vermin were as obvious as Sid Sofos. But there’s a bit of Sid Sofos in all frauds. It’s up to you to root it out and show it to others, and yourself.
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    Wow, there is a blast from the past, "Sifu" Sid Sofos! Draw round, I've got first hand knowledge of this Wing Chun Grandmaster.

    I studied at Imperial College London 1987-1991 and attended, captained and latterly coached at the IC Judo club alongside far better judo guys like Peter Swettenham and Paul Warren. Every thursday night judo was followed by the IC Wing Chun club in the IC Union Gym, headed up by the great man himself. Sid Sofos.

    Sid had no shortage of students, mostly drawn from the Chinese and South Asian population of IC. The club was run as an adjunct to Sid's wider organisation, but for the most part what I saw there was pretty meek and mild guys and girls engaging in pretty meek and mild training, lots of push-hands, work on those funny wooden dummies, fighting on table tops (actually big round cable reels - I'm not kidding) and very little real sweat, contact or real physical stuff that we as Judo guys were used to.

    Sid himself always used to seem to pay us some respect, but he clearly had a major sized ego on him, a big mouth and a willingness to play mind games with his students. He was also running the club on very commercial lines. He had his students fly posting all over the area, charged top whack and funnelled his students to his private clubs in North London. This was continually getting him into trouble with the IC Union Sports Club Commitee, but he also coughed up alot of subs to the Union and always had plenty of his own students willing to defend him - being simply the paid instructor of the student captain, secretary and treasurer of the club. He was a pretty controversial character and sailed very close to the wind - but never seemed to capsize.

    There was also talk of cultish like practices, mind games and alot of "hard sell" within his club and in the early 90s these seemed to be growing and I distinctly recall a number of issues arising around the Wing Chun Club in Commitee meetings, that I was present at in my role as Judo Club head honcho, but they were mostly around money and his exploitation of the students for more than usual commercial gain compared to many other clubs who had paid instructors, but seemed to charge far less in subs....draw your own conclusions.

    Totally conincidentally around that time there had also been complaints about a Peeping Tom using the IC Union Gym's mens changing room windows to peep out onto certain bedrooms of the adjacent Beit Hall of Residence on Prince Consort Road. Hall security did a sweep one night and lo-and-behold, who should they find but the Sifu himself endulging in some one-handed bird watching! It was all very hush hush at the time but Sid was given an ultimatum, **** off or we call in Plod - which he very quickly did!

    Interestingly that was not the end of the IC Wing Chun club, they "hired on" Sid's brother as their new coach - I don't know whether Sid was still pulling the strings or they had had their falling out by then but it was very quickly business as usual. disappointingly :-(

    I don't know about drug abuse claims, but I wouldn't be at all surprised, because I do think I recall some lame excuse as drug side effects being an reason for Sofos' behaviour at the time, and it totally fits with the guys character, ego , narcissism and the cult of personality that he grew around him.

    Sofos also taught me a lesson that I carry to this day, if you really want to succeed and make money in the martial arts, one surefire recipe for success is to teach crap martial arts with little physical graft to meek, impressionable and naive students out of their depth and away from home for the first time, often in a new country, backed up with a lot of ego massaging for those who want to follow, and intimidation for those who don't, along with loads of self promotion and the support of semi willing (compliant) senior students to re-inforce your cult of personality and defend you to the establishment. In that, "Sifu" Sid was truly a Grandmaster! So I'm not surprised to see his excesses and his waistline have grown even larger over the years, becasue they were already there in spades over twenty years ago!

    p.s, joke - we always called him "Seafood Sid", he always look like he enjoyed more than his fair share of Fish Suppers!
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