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    Don't beat yerself up over the uncle thing, at least you're smart enough to get out of it. Just be sure to take a lesson from it and check up on the people you learn from, especially if you're learning in their garage or backyard or something like that. And if you want to learn SCA combat, just join the org, there's a a bunch of opinions on it (such as is it just plain ole LARP-tastic or LARP-tastic Stick Combat?) but depending on the actual situation it's pro'lly better than what you were doing previously.
    appreciate your words, as far as I know, the dude learned Italian Sword while he worked for a Renn Faire, I guess they were short of dudes to do weapon demos( though as to how thats possible I'm not sure considering the fact that quite a few people will join Renn Faires just to "play" weapons, who knows,) Now I feel I should repeat myself,what he is teaching me is not S.C.A related, for those you interested he mainly works with the Flos Duellatorum( hope I spelled that right,)

    edit:WorldWarCheese I'm saying that you're saying that it is, I'm trying just to make clear that what I'm learning isn't S.C.A, (for one thing just the other day, he was giving me a taste of a "paired drill" with a rebated longsword)(talk about a way to torture a guy)
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    Coo' that's a better than SCA IMO, but still make sure he's got the real goods. There's a lot of Garage Charlatans out there who like playin' with swords and I bet a few aren't averse to making a quick buck on the gullible.

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