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    I'd actually say vice versa there Jon, but I don't have many skills. Have at 'em.

    The UFC fighters who train 6+ hours a day aren't doing exercises, they're building form on a lot of different techniques, and reinforcing them. Most martial art classes nowadays fill at least some of their time with exercises. While there is great benefit of performing technique work to or while exhausted(keeping your hands up through round 12, while still delivering powerful and accurate strikes), you best LEARN a technique fresh. Go ahead. Learn how to juggle after a 4 minute thruster tabata workout.

    This man is trying to learn how to strike faster while doing it more accurately, regardless of the fact that sword training is useless. My suggestions(besides taking a hint from The Count of Monte Cristo)?

    Be faster in your workouts. Perform full body exercises like power clean/curls, burpees, snatches and the like, to make your muscles work together and perform fast.

    Introduce plyometrics into your workouts. Perform jumping pullups, burpee variations from, plyometric pushups, drop pushups, split jumps, squat jumps, side to side jumps, agility ladders, carioca, agility drills, shuttle runs, skipping, jumping rope, side shuffling, backwards jogging, depth jumps, box squats, band work, with chains, etc.

    Grease the groove with that ****. Every time you enter a certain room, stop for a full minute, pick up that sword, and start swinging. Get all your workouts done in less than 20 minutes, and tailor them around your sparring in sword fighting. If you spar for 3 minute rounds, do like 5 of them, filled full of those exercises above, with like 1 minute rest between rounds.

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    Well they you can train 6 hours a day and be fresh longer if the training is split up. I'm sure they don't go 6 hours straight. But why the hell would you say to workout for no more than 20 minutes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flash Jackson
    I'd actually say vice versa there Jon, but I don't have many skills. Have at 'em.
    When you perform an action rapidly, you adapt to performing it at that speed. Then you refine the gross movements to be more and more precise. There's been studies about it. I tried searching but I found something shiny and now I'm off to make a new post.

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