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    Quote Originally Posted by hedgehogey
    As an advanced blue, and thus your unquestionable BJJ superior, let me say: shut up. This is supposed to be about fighting, not murring and stroking your dick softly in the moonlight while you slag off people's weird hobbies.
    As an advanced white, allow me to second this. Nothing personal Oldman, but D&D references on the interwebs piss me off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldman34
    Make me shutup. You barely handled a 12 year old "ninjar", hahahahaha, you suck and you are a *****.
    Ill take that advanced blue belt and stuff it up your well worn ass.
    I train at Relson Gracie Austin [DOT DOT DOT]

    The majority KNOW that it is make believe. However, they portrau themselves as the one and only Keeper of the Power or whatever.
    The irony here is that you seem to be the one completely incapable of distinguishing between playing a game and pledging your life to Shub Niggurath.

    Cosplay? What the **** is that? Is that the game where you guys try to guess what the other guy is shoving up your ass?

    Awwww, does him have a queer ass, loser hobby that people make fun of? Maybe they make fun of it because IT IS FUCKING STUPID.
    Great job there with the homophobia. How is that supposed to be "smart" or "funny" or "not totally fucking repulsive"?

    By the way, if you haven't figured out yet that I bat for both teams, let me know, and i'll have a government appointed handler sticky a note to your forehead.

    The thread is about Obscure arts and Fetishism. I gave my opinion of why it (MA's) become a fetish like thing for some people.
    The problem is THEY DO tell people that they can use it to defend themselves. They truly believe they can. They have crossed over the line from a hobby into obsession/delusion.
    I'm calling your bluff. You don't have a shred of evidence that the vast majority of RPG users believe that. Then again, you can't even distinguish between tabletop RPGs, LARPs and cosplay. You probably think all nerds are under the control of some bloated, aspberger's powered controller-brain that takes up all the space in a basement somewhere in the Okie suburbs.

    Please see the definiton of fetish, to fully understand my point. Of course the years you spent sucking cock has probably diminished your ability to think rationaly.
    What is this obsession with your cock and my sexuality? Am I supposed to kneel down and suck that shriveled dong that hasn't gotten any play since Sun Ra was alive?

    Well have a seat in your barcalounger, because I have some rather dissapointing news for you:





    BTW you stupid ****, its CAMARO.
    Oh, a spelling mistake. That totally makes up for the paragraphs and paragraphs of LOL U R FAG AND AIDS
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    It seems that the only people who support anarchy are faggots, who want their pathetic immoral lifestyle accepted by the mainstream society. It wont be so they try to create their own.-Oldman34, friend to all children

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    Quote Originally Posted by hedgehogey
    You probably think all nerds are under the control of some bloated, aspberger's powered controller-brain that takes up all the space in a basement somewhere in the Okie suburbs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hedgehogey
    Quote Originally Posted by Kidspatula
    Bleep bleep blip bloop

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldman34
    Make me shutup. You barely handled a 12 year old "ninjar", hahahahaha, you suck and you are a *****.
    Ill take that advanced blue belt and stuff it up your well worn ass.
    I've tapped purples in competition, I'm larger than probably you and hedge on each other's shoulders, and I've got my first amateur fight coming up in either April or June, depending on the promoter. Now that we've established my big e-penis, shut the hell up.

    Your statements on D&D and roleplaying games in general are not borne out by facts. My (extensive, since I've been gaming for the past fifteen fucking years) experience is that the number of hardcore gamers/Larpers that do a martial art is relatively small, and the more hardcore into gaming they are, the /less/ likely they are to be training - or indeed, doing anything that isn't gaming and or working.

    Moreover, the vast majority of gamers, upon finding out another gamer does a martial art, will shrug, say "that's cool", and move on, because they don't fucking care. There's no obsessive culture of ma worship within gaming; it just doesn't happen.

    In short - you are talking out your ass about something you know very little about, and people with extensive experience in that something are telling you so. So shut up.
    Undisputed KING OF ASSHOLES.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Fagbot Q. MacGillicuddy, PhD
    Fucking PRICELESS!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hedgehogey
    By the way, if you haven't figured out yet that I bat for both teams, let me know, and i'll have a government appointed handler sticky a note to your forehead.

    Waitaminute, you mean you do........Gracie and Machado?

    Ewwww! Talk about confused.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liffguard
    Okaaaay then. Hedge gets aggressive because Oldman insulted his hobby. Oldman starts insulting Hedge's fighting without a vid of his own. Nobody else cares beyond train-wreck entertainment value.

    Does that about sum it up?

    Edit: and Valhalla pr0n
    oh, was he serious?

    I actually play D & D (Living Greyhawk). I was basing my post on first hand observations from years of RPG conventions, and countless hours of Gaming. ( I have been playing D&D and attending SciFi Conventions for over 20 years)
    I have traveled quite a bit to attend various gamedays, cons, and whatnots, so I have seen a good cross section of the RPG make up.
    My sister in law is a member of the D&D LG Governing Body and my brother is the President of the Local RPG club (LG Only)

    I feel that the above experience ( I have been role playing since before he was born) gave me a good view of why certain types of people obsess, which turns into a fetish about their "hobbies", and how they use MA's as aprt of their fetish/fantasy. I didnt say that ALL RPG people did this. My post was limited to the RPG community. I didnt specify cosplay. If he is upset then maybe he has a complex about his hobby.

    I didnt realize I was insulting anyones hobby. The insult was a perceived/assumed one, much like many of you are doing here.

    I also didnt realize that I needed to post a video to trash talk someone. I thought from the BJJ Blue belt comment that the serious factor was kind of low.

    *edit* So Fatherdog, I have a VAST amount more of gaming XP than you. I played my first D&D game in, get this....1983. In case you cant do the math, thats 24 years ago.

    So it seems that YOU may be talking out of your ass. I wasnt bashing RPGing.

    Maybe you guys need to READ the thread this started on, and SEE THE CONTEXT OF MY POST.

    Quote Originally Posted by hedgehogey
    Ok, fine. This does happen. The ninja on my youtube video totally embodies that archetype.
    Of course, in the end even HH saw my point.

    this is what prompted my response/post

    Quote Originally Posted by Phrost
    Disclaimer: this is just meant to spark discussion. Don't get your panties in a bunch.

    ...unless that's what you're into, freak.

    If the Internet can be seen as an extension of our subconscious, it is evident that a frighteningly large number of people gravitate towards things on the fringe of sanity. There's no doubt that most of you reading this have come across some of the most vile trends, fads, and fetishes the human mind can create.

    So it occurred to me that the concept of fetishism can be applied to many in the Martial Arts community. Most people are attracted to healthy, subjectively "normal" members of the opposite sex like nature intended, as a means of facilitating survival through the successful passing on of genes into future generations. But for various reasons, some (arguable) members of the human race find themselves attracted to the least healthy people of the opposite sex, going against nature and creating the potential for a de-evolution of our species.

    Likewise, in the Martial Arts, many find themselves "attracted" to unproductive training practices, impractical and even ridiculous techniques, and undue emphasis on antiquity instead of the things that will ensure the best results for current and future generations of Martial Artists.

    And like the various "communities" of fetishists across the Internet, the Martial Artists who harbor these fetishes also go to great lengths to justify, rationalize, or even promote their fetishes as healthy and "normal" when they are anything but. But unlike most fetish activities engaged in by consenting adults, the fetishes in the Martial Arts actually pose significant, immediate risk to the participants, specifically because of the post-hoc justifications and delusional mindsets needed to pursue them.

    It would be preaching to the choir to state explicitly the dangers of pursuing an unrealistic "Martial Fetish" so I'll leave that unsaid and use this as an opportunity to frame the discussion to be about the causes of this fetishism instead of its effects.

    Your thoughts?
    Highlighted for emphasis

    See the thread here.
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    I wish this thread were a jpeg or mp3.
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    I believe this thread was in fact the reason for the cration of the internet.

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