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    OSU Judo Club

    The OSU judo club is a great place to learn and enjoy sport Judo.

    Classes start the same way as many Kodokan Judo classes start, with a short run, stretching, situps and pushups, sometimes bridging and ebi practice. Ukemi and Tachi-Waza lines follow.

    The majority of the class is then put towards ne-waza (ground techniques) and randori (free practice). This is split up about 60% standing techniques and 40% ground techniques.

    There are many experienced Judokas below black belt who are willing to help the less experienced out, and there are many instructors for the size of the class, usually a 3:1 ratio. The instructor is normally Sensei Yutaka Hagimoto. There are other black belts who show from time to time and their insight is also extremely useful.

    The Club actively participates in competition, so if you enjoy being competitive this would be a good place for you.

    The area is a little small and when there are more than three pairs on the floor during randori things can get crowded.

    In any case this is a good, small club that will make you tired, tap you out, and get out the frustrations of schoolwork.

    Classes meet from 6:30-8:30 Tuesdays and Thursdays


    (Edited 3/1/07 for aliveness, compliant drills are oftentimes used at first but then compliance is phased out.)

    (Edited 4/9/07 for grappling, went to a BJJ school)
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