I was browsing the forums and there was a dicussion about this website:


I was browsing it and found this article:


Interesting story about the those that are naturally gifted and those that are not. The general summary is of how someone who who has all the physical gifts and becomes a world champion in his particular martial art and another who doesn't have those gifts but becomes a great teacher. It reminded me of the whole Helio Gracie/BJJ thing.

Anyways, there's more to the story then just that but I suggest reading it. It does bring into question how those with a natural inclination towards the martial arts may/may not be better at teaching then those that don't have the same natural abilities. This jist of the article being that one who is naturally gifted may not have had the same difficulties in obtaining obtaining a level of mastery in techniques and therefore may have never had to attempt to overcome the common problems we all face in trying to master a new technique or just generally become better in our choosen martial art.

Decided to post it here so anyone and everyone could have at it in any way they so choose to.