Cientista: Hey, no worries friend. I'm glad you had an open-mind to see my point of view. And yes, it's the internet, so you're bound to have some people quick to "talk tuff" and seeming quick to put down others and what style(s) they practice. But at the same time, I see a lot of very knowledgeable and intelligent people round these forums as well who are very helpful.

I believe that "What you project comes back at you", so even though I'm a "nOOb" around these particular forums, to still try to show respect and open-mindedness towards others and different MA styles.

I'm mainly involved in the Martial Arts for the enjoyment of it and to hopefully make myself a better person. Personally I don't like to get into arguments of "this style is better than that style". For me what I think it comes down to is the individual person who is practicing the art; is it what they're looking for, does it suit them and most importantly are they enjoying it.

Like Alex mentioned, "half of a fight is your physical condition, imo", and I tend to agree that being in good health and physical condition can be a big factor if it ever comes down to either just having a friendly match or if really needing to defend oneself. Then I guess it could be said that most MA styles that help to improve one's health and physical condition is useful and practical in that sense.

I "dabbled" in some sessions of Capoeira many years ago to see what it was about and what was involved. As I'm a rather large guy, I felt most of the movements and techniques awkward, uncomfortable and unsuitable for me personally. However, it was great exercise, and I can see how it can help to improve one's overall flexibility, speed, co-ordination and physical conditioning. I respect, (and to a point envy) those guys who could do such amazing feats of agility.

Over my years of training and travels, I've had the fortune of training with some great Martial Artists in some very poor places (such as in Philippines and Thailand), and they truely had passion and dedication for what they did. Oft times it was the only way they could seek out a meager living. But, they also had a certain peace and joy in what they were doing and a living a simple way of life doing something they enjoy, which in my opinion is really great.

Keep up with your training,
--- Big Don.

PS: I enjoyed watching the videos on your site. I hope that perhaps some new oppertunitues come to you and your Capoeira friends because of the good work you've been doing. Cheers!