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    Isn't mud just wet sand? Wouldn't anyplace that had sand at sometime have mud as well.

    And wouldn't sandy mud make this stuff impossible to do?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Gwinn
    I can take him, but I'm not man enough to reach his house. Sand AND mud, you say?

    Dude, that is such the hardcore, my brotha.
    Sand and mud? Oh noes!!!

    I used to PT in that crap at least three times a week (squad leader's course on Camp LeJeune, NC). Sometimes in the snow too.

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    The street effectiveness of breakdance fighting, aka Capoeira, was solidly proven by the movie Zoolander. If only it wasn't ruled by an evil megalomaniacal iron fisted clan of Super Assasin Caucasion Rastafarians DJ's.

    I hear their initiation requires the death defying feat of having an unprotected threesome with Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. I wouldn't want to come across those dudes in a dark alley during a marimba music festival, that's for sure.

    In fact, if I so much as see a kettle drum while I'm walking home late at night, I pretend I'm trying to score some weed. Litte known fact that Breakdance fighting is way more reliable than any martial art on the planet. Period. I'm totally serious.

    One time a Breakdance fight broke out while I was getting my pubes waxed, and the brazilian lady doing it killed a man with the wax applicator. She stabbed his head off with it. It was amazing.
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    That video failed to show any sort of hand to hand combat whatsoever.

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    The sand is obviously there to get in our vaginas, thus preventing us from reaching the real capoeira.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Backdraft
    The sand is obviously there to get in our vaginas...
    That's why they do handstands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cientista
    the speed of his kicks, the level of his acrobatic skill and his all over physical control stand him head and shoulders over the majority any of u pussies can do what he can do - step to it.
    No one is questioning the acrobatic skills of Capoeria. However, let me ask you this, have you ever seen this guy use it in a "real" fight? Where his (so called ) life is in danger as you call it ? If you haven't then you need to stfu, and stop trying to prove how deadly he is. The problem I have with Capoeria, is its actual application i.e., Since there is no contact made by the fighters, how do you gauge its overall effectivness ? What type of body conditioning do they use, hands, feet, body, so they can actually use their art without injuring their bodies? Anyone without conditioning, trying to use those kicks, would wind up with a broken foot, shin, toes. I have never seen them conditioning, only practicing their rituals. So how is it effective? Instead of talking out of your ass, shoot a video of these people actually hitting, and kicking each other, then you might impress someone.
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    nah. i like this **** too much. come on ADMIT IT. its dope! the guy is obviously dedicated to his art, plenty martial arts arent about all out fighting... we suppose a man who spends all day training ona regular basis is physically superior to a man that doesnt. therefore his ability to defend himself in the type of street situation that you guys endlessly fantasise about seems proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    i cant beleive not one person here enjoyed that clip or saw anything about it as worthwhile.. come on!

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    i have no doubt that he could defend himself against the average person easy as pie, as could pretty much everyone at my old capo gym. being physically fit, having good reactions, and timing are all things capo gives you that are vital in a fight.

    but i think youll find most people here are more concerned about people who can actually fight, and when that time comes around capo doesnt stand up so great. thats just how it is and the same goes for _ing _un, tkd etc. its not that they dont make you a better fighter (well actually id debate that in the case of tkd but thats another arguement) but that other arts will do a better job of it

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    Cientista: For sure he has some mad acrobatic skillz.

    any of u pussies can do what he can do - step to it.
    ...but, oh my, such anger.
    Why be insulting and challenging to a lot of people you don't know?

    No BS skinny super fast mother w' no fear or money
    Cudos to him. But "no fear" of what? I've been training in the Martial Arts for close to 25 years, but I am still "fearful" of many things in this world (some fear can be natural and healthy btw... Example: fear of being on fire, fear of standing 1000-feet in the air on a narrow-beam with no safety measures, fear of a hungry grizzly bear charging at you, fear of a 300-pound brute intending to cause you massive bodily harm or worse ) and I don't go around randomly challenging and insulting other Martial Artists just because I have some skills, knowledge and training in the Martial Arts. And what does being skinny or having no money got anything to do about his skills, videos or the "Capoeira Science" Website you're promoting to us?

    I hope you can drop the BS and simply respect the man for what he can do
    Who here has been BSing you? And in my experience to get respect you should also be willing to show respect - Respect is a two-way street. Yes, I can respect the guy's abilities and his obvious dedication that he's put into his training, however I don't understand why you are seeming to be so angry, insulting and challenging to people here.

    If you are trying to help show some people the grace and skill that can be found in Capoeira, and maybe even trying to convince some people to try to have an open-mind about and maybe even try training in Capoeira, perhaps you should try taking a bit more friendly and respectful approach yourself.

    Best regards,
    --- Big Don.

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