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    Also keep in mind this. I do believe TKD has become uniquely Korean. It has far moved away from its Japanese parents and turned into something with more Korean flair. Good or bad it I dont' believe we can call TKD Korean karate anymore. So whenever I refer to traditional TKD I am talking about Korean karate not the art we have today.

    I also agree with RM that you are lucky that your art kept it's history real. Then again, your art was split back in the days of the formation of the KTA. Some of the new generation decided to walk the path of the KTA while the older generation chose to stay away and keep their art as it was. A lot of drama back in the days

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    Boffo, what is the answer your school expected?
    That TKD is 2000 years old. Which I find a BS answer.

    I agree with Miksugaram. The Koreans took Shotokan and made it all their own. Much like the Gracies took Judo and made it their own. There is, in my opinion, nothing wrong with TKD or Hapkido being young styles. Heck, they could argue that those two styles removed the chaff from TKD or Aikido and made it better.

    But nope, Korean nationalism insists that TKD and Hapkido be ancient arts. No big deal. Nothing new. The Romans rewrote their history to seem older as a nation, why can't the modern Koreans?

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