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    Shin Do New Breed Mixed Martial Arts

    Kerry Dunne was my first MMA coach from early 2000 until some time late in 2004. The original Shin Do (New Way) MMA gym was located located in Parkwood on Australia's Gold Coast - just across the road from the local university I was attending at the time. During the time I spent training there, I feel I learned more about practical and realistic self defence than I did in the years of karate preceding my time there.

    Kerry Dunne is well known in Australia for creating and promoting the Spartan Reality Fight Series of MMA tournaments, which have hosted some of Australia's big names in the MMA scene, also producing several notable fighters such as:

    Jim Yorke http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Jim-York-9480
    Jacob Sidic http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Jacob-Sidic-9474
    Jason Wild http://www.sherdog.com/fighter/Jason-Wildchild-8676

    The original Shin Do gym was lucky enough to occasionally host visiting fighters such as Matt Hughes, Joe Slick, Chris Haseman, and others.

    In 2005, Kerry moved to Japan, where he lived for a number of years (the second time he's lived Japan for an extended period of time), where he continued to pursue his own training, along with various other interests.

    Earlier this year (2008), Kerry returned to Australia, and contacted me to let me know he would be re-opening Shin Do. I immediately changed my training schedules around, to make Shin Do my primary school.

    Ratings, and why I gave them

    Aliveness: 9
    Every session includes some boxing/kickboxing/Grappling/MMA sparring, with moderate to heavy contact sparring (depending on the ability of the participants) and minimal protective equipment (i.e. mouthguard, cup, 12oz/10oz/4oz gloves, shin/instep protectors).

    Equipment: 8
    Students are encouraged to purchase their own gloves and groinguards, and are entitled to a significant discount due to a partnership with a local martial arts equipment supplier. Numerous focus pads, kickshields, thai pads etc, are freely available for use, along with several heavy bags, and a few spare gloves are available if needed.

    All on site equipment is new or near new.

    Gym Size:9
    Shin DO has moved on to a bigger and better gym. There is now well over 100 sq metres of mat space, with padded walls. The available space has more than doubled.

    Instructor/Student Ratio:9
    With an average of up to 20 students in any given class, there is a fairly high degree of individual focus. Students are generally paired or put into small groups, and overseen by the instructor or a senior student for specific drills.

    All classes end with the instructor giving and receiving feedback from each student about their performance for the session, and any positive/negative experiences they had. This takes approximately 15-20 minutes at the end of a 2 hour class, and is part of the cooldown routine.

    The class is built around a team ethos - everyone is constantly reminded that regardless of whether or not they wish to compete in MMA/submission grappling/kickboxing/etc, they are all part of the Shin Do team.

    Overly aggressive attitudes, bullying, and other such behaviours are not tolerated.

    Striking Instruction:8
    Dedicated boxing and kickboxing sessions occur regularly, along with striking-for-mma session, all incorporating pad work, bag work, sparring, and drills, and shadowboxing.

    Grappling Instruction:8
    Grappling instruction is of a good standard with submission wrestling being the main focus. Occasional guest instructors range from purple belt and higher bjj players from local clubs, experienced MMA fighters, and a fifth dan Judoka.

    The primary instructor has trained with Japanese Shooto coaches,and has also trained in various arts ranging from Muay Thai to Combat Submission Wrestling.

    Weapons Instruction: n/a
    At this stage, no weapons training is on offer.

    Additional Points
    *Classes are now taking place five days per week between 5:00pm and 8:00pm, with a half hour open mat before class officially starts.

    *Classes cost $50 per week for unlimited access, which is significantly cheaper than some other schools in the area, but obviously more expensive that judo, wrestling, etc.

    *Grappling is no-gi.

    *Introductory lesson is free.

    Shin Do MMA is a great club to train for those who are interested in training MMA for fitness or competition. Classes are fairly small, and the atmosphere is good.
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