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    Since I just moved into apt with a great gym, I changed my work out routine a lot. Here it is:

    Day A: run 2 miles, five different 3 set of 15 rep of dumbbell, 4 sets of 10 rep bench press, 3 sets of 15 rep squat with weight, 3 set of 15 heel raise with weight, 10 min of shadow boxing, and 125 yards swimming.

    Day B: run 2 and half mile, 20 push up, 30 cruncher, 20 heel raise, 20 fist push up, 50 side cruncher (25 per side), 20 squat, 20 diamond push up, 20 legs raise (for abs), 40 lunges (20 per legs), 20 push up with feet raised, 50 cruncher with feet raise, 20 push up with hands and feet on chair (so my body is far from ground), 50 flutter kicks, 15 min of shadow boxing, and 125 yards swimming.

    I rotate A and B schedule every day. I work out 6 days a week. I am wondering if this is too much or is this good?

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    What are your goals?

    My feeling is that your workouts are too much and too frequant........unless you are training for endurance or trying to lose weight.

    How has your weight been affected?

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