Kochav Yair,Israel Kyokushin Karate Dojo

The chief instructor(yours truely)is a SanDan with over twenty years expirience in Kyokushin Karate and Judo.
There are 3 junior instructors on hand to help with the classes.
We have traditional classes(Ippan Keiko) 4 days a week for above 12 years of age,twice a week for kids.Duration of class for kids is 45 minutes,90 minutes for the rest.Every session has:Kihon, Eido ,Kata ,and Kumite.Sparring in Ippan Keiko is always with full padding and lasts for a minimum of twenty minutes.
The equipment consists of various hand held pads,no bags on the premise.
The atmosphere is very intense while training,no small talk;But very relaxed after.
striking is our main forte,with a strong emphasis on KD/KO power.
No grappling in Kyokushin curiculem but we suplement by going to Judo for Tachi Waza and Ne Waza about twice a month.
Weopons were never a mainstream in Kyokushin,but are now back and we train on a weekly basis with : Bo , Tonfa ,Nunchaku ,Sai.
We also have a tournament fighting team,that trains together once a week JissenKumite,no holding back sessions.
All students are encouriged to have a ressistence(weight)program catered to there specific needs,along with running and stretching.

As a bonus we end every session with Yoga asana.