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    Im Yotay (obviously not my real name)

    So I'm Yotay, and I have been ripped off by "doctor" john latourrette (not firsthand), however I know a person who knew him first hand, and think i can shed a tiny bit of light on his credibility, that is why I am here.
    edit: I'm also here because this looks like a forum that will probably be enlightening, due to the brutal honesty expressed here. I am 18 been in martial arts since I was 6, and I have a shodan in an adaptation of kenpo karate/okinawan karate/ escrima/ kung fu, so kind of like martial arts except more traditional and (to my dismay) no ground fighting. Of course that says little about me, I like to think that my style of fighting is just that, my style! Meaning I can fight on the ground as I try to pull as much information from as many places as I can when it comes to fighting.
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    Welcome to the Bullshido Forums Yotay... Make sure you review your dojo and add it to your user control panel so you can get the icon in your user info bar in your posts.

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    Hello, then please report to to John T forum, and share your story. I would also recommend you have your friend post here as well.


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