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    Review of my last year of training.

    I posted this on MAP as my 1000th post but i feel that i should post it here also as i have a lot to thank Bullshido and its members for changing my view on martial arts.

    Okay here it is

    Tang Soo Do - Quit November 2006, I do not feel i gained much in my 2 years of TSD, I increased my already good flexibility and learned some decent kicking mechanics and to some extent whole body mechanics. I met some really nice people and couple of tough guys (however i think they would be tough TSD or not, they would be much better finding better training elsewhere) Looking back i see now that it was utter bullshido, i saw some awful disasters of MA moments, the gradings were cringeworthy.

    Kyokushin-kai Karate - Ceased training Jan 2007, I originally set out to find a Kyokushin dojo to pressure test what i had learnt in TSD, it was a real eye opener. The training was hard, easily the most intense cardio I have ever done, in sparring i could pull off head kicks but they were few and far between and far worse was the punishment being inflicted on me, the first few sessions involved me literally running away from opponents in a futile effort to make space for kicks, then i found out that were going easy on me... very easy. I soon realised that i had learnt virtually nothing that could be attributed to fighting in TSD and i would have to start again (quite a shock seeing as i was often praised for my free fighting abilty in TSD and was told i could beat anyone my grade and quite a few grades above, and was expected to do very well in tournaments) After a brief bout of "i'll show you guys the REAL TSD" i decided to devote my training to Kyokushin. I recieved great instruction a met some great people, and fighters. The instructor was an absoloute legend who loved the art and was very generous with his time. Also it was easily the cheapest training i have ever and will ever recieve, 2 to train twice a week. Unfortunately the Instructor moved away and I went looking for a new club.

    Longfei Taijiquan - I wanted to get 2 of my friends into MA seeing as they
    love watching old skool HK movies with me. They both are very gentle natured and didnt really do something full on. After looking around for a bit i found Tai Chi, which they both agreed on and we started training together. We have alot of fun, and it's very relaxed and good natured. We were very lucky as we found an instructor who is very down to earth and isnt into the whole Chi as a mystical energy type thing. He is a world wushu champion and has also trained and fought in San Shou and also boxing, also he is one of the nicest guys i have met and we have really good discussions on MA. Tai Chi has some really good applications and some interesting philosophies and i can definately see it being used effectively, however at our club we dont really train with any intensity or resistance, but then thats not really what the club is about, and its certainly not why i train Tai Chi. SO all in all i'm loving my Tai Chi training but i wouldnt say it's helping my fighting ability, however i reckon i could take some things from it if i did some Tai Chi randori type sparring.

    Jeet Kune Do/MMA - Private lessons, i'm basically working on Muay Thai and Boxing drills, Wrestling, Brazillian Juijitsu, and getting some good contact MMA sparring. This stuff is amazing, there is so much to learn. Once again i feel i am starting again. As a huge fan of UFC and K-1 it feels great to be learning the stuff that i see being used. If you want to learn to fight this really is the way to go, i can't reccomend it enough. Try it, i garuntee you will think the same.

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    Good read, and good thing that you finally found an effective MA that you find enjoyable.

    Good luck with the training and all.


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