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    Yes, i'm biased too (well, only a bit; where the resident shodothugs are gone?), so i cant help to see more aiki than kungfu in what the cop does.
    i'm sorry, but i don't see how there is anything aiki whatsoever about charging forward, fully extending one's arm from an inherently unbalanced, bent over stance, and chokeslamming a stationary, essentially unaware target.

    if that were the aiki way of doing things, i wouldn't give people in hakama NEARLY so much ****.

    If you punch me in the face with one of those super extended punches, your arm is fully extended and you back leg is off the road and you are reaching with your back, does that hurt? AT ALL? There is ZERO power behind the punch.
    sounds like a superman punch to me...

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    Post #57 has video clips that show shodokan/tomiki aikidoka applying shomen ate, one of their basic techniques, in randori.

    I'm unclear what you mean about "not seeing anything aiki" about it.

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    What he's really saying is that his aikido experience is so limited that he doesn't realize the full spectrum of techniques that are out there in, for example shodokan. Such as shomen ate.

    Or even the stuff shioda would do.

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