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    And "Kaichi Yudansha Shihan" does not mean above Ranking Status

    Much of the Japanese language is based on context. If you were talking about someone who is before or above the ranking system of a martial art, you would be using the term mudansha 無段位

    kaichi has a number of meanings but no of those known to me have any bearing on someone being above a particular status:

    改築 structural alteration of building; reconstruction
    海中 in the sea
    回虫; 蛔虫 roundworm; intestinal worm
    懐中 one's pocket
    改鋳 reminting; recasting
    懐中鏡 pocket mirror
    海中公園 underwater park
    懐中電灯 electric torch; flashlight
    懐中時計 pocket watch
    怪中の怪 mystery of mysteries
    懐中物 purse; handbag; pocketbook
    階調 gradation; gradient
    諧調 melody; harmony; unity; euphony
    海鳥 sea bird
    開帳 (1) unveiling a Buddhist image; (2) gambling
    海潮音 a teaching of Buddha related to the sound of the tide; sound of the tide
    会長に推す to recommend (a person) for the post of president
    戒飭 admonishment; warning
    回勅 encyclical

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    Quote Originally Posted by clarkksr
    Can you post a link to the discussion? I cannot find it.


    Also Google: The World Headfamilies/Headfounder's Council

    THE SINGLE BIGGEST MARTIAL ARTS CIRCLE-JERKING OUTFIT ...and its linked to your system through one of your (now deceased) instructors.

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