An alternative to surgery and corrective lenses are any of the therapy programs like this:

Corrective lenses actually worsen your vision over time as your eyes come to rely on them like a crutch.

The thing is that a lot of the worsening of eyesight comes from poor habits, like with computers, balancing near/far activity, etc etc.

There are others out there, though I can only vouch for the particular program I mentioned. You pay 90 bucks, one payment, then they provide you with everything you need. There are separate programs for nearsightedness and astigmatism, farsightedness, and macular degeneration (or "aging vision"). Over the next few months depending on how bad your eyes are, if you faithfully do the exercises, you will experience serious improvement in vision. You might feel like kind of a tool doing some of the goofy ass things that are in the program, but it pays off. After that you do maintenance exercises twice a month or thereabouts, and you're set.

An ass ton cheaper than surgery, but most people don't want to do it because it involves regular scheduled exercise and discipline, you have to do the exercises regularly or you'll lose all your progress. Though I figure with this crowd it's not such a stretch.