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    historical representation of animal styles

    I dont have a photo with me, so you might as well take my word and my flaky memory for it.

    Went to musée guimet while in paris. Its a museum specializing in eastern cultures.

    In their indochinese section, specifically thai/khmer/laos. In this case it was in the khmer section (if i remember rightly) that i stumbled on a pretty massive life sized statue.

    Basically, the plaque went as the such:'two monkey warriors locked in battle' (in french obviously).

    Now for background, the statue was fairly old. Basically made during the glory days of the khmer empire. So lets situate it from 1200-1600 ( yeah, my memory IS flaky)

    The statue was of two beefed up men (yes, they were NOT monkeys) bare handed in their undies squaring each other back straight in a wide stance (like a sumo stance). They were mirroring each other. So they were face to face. One hand clasping the back of the neck of his opponent. The other hand staying down at their side.

    Yeah rather vague details, but the statue was pretty simple.

    To my eyes, they were wrestling and stuck in a neutral position. Id favor wrestling over a striking interpretation because of the hand clasped behind the opponents neck with the other arm not guarding an unprotected head, and a large square on stance favoring a proper base.

    I think weve all witnessed wushu monkey kungfu that are basically lanky autistic people on crack, so i thought itd be more interesting to discuss more authentic sources.

    Otherwise that was about the only interesting depiction relating to actual combat that i could found in the museum. The swords and weapons were pretty cool. Jade with golden chinese characters engraved lengthwise broadsword > black steel katana > kris.

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    Pics please!


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