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    Quote Originally Posted by Epicurus
    Between my university and my rib injury I haven't been able to attend many MA classes.
    Heh. This is one of the few threads I could find with 'ribs injury' as keywords.

    Have you found any way to tape it up or wear padding so you can still workout?

    My lower left rib has been bruised for a while now, I can spar striking and workout alright, but grappling is a pain. If my sparring partner passes guard or puts weight on my left side they can pretty much have their way with me. A few weeks of this same problem is starting to get frustrating. I am just wondering if any one knows of some sort of padding or taping method that might lessen the impact of the injury when training.

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    Work something else while it heals. Seriously, if you keep grappling with it it's going to take a lot longer to heal.

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    Your problem sounds exactly like mine, except mine is my right rib. Any weight in mount or side control messes my chest up big time, the pain is very intense.

    I don't know of any padding method that helps for grappling. As far as I know, taping is largely useless for ribs and is considered an archaic practice now.

    Striking is fine for me, and it'll have to do for you too, I think;

    I gave my rib two months to heal after I first cracked it, then went back to sub wrestling class, where it lasted through one class but then hurt like hell again.

    Now I'm having to give it at least two more months (of which just one has passed so far) before I grapple again.

    Just stay away from grappling for a while, there's no way around it that I know of, until your rib doesn't hurt AT ALL anymore, even if you lie on your chest and elevate your arms or legs, and THEN wait at least two or three more weeks before going back.

    That's my advice on this matter; don't give it a chance to re-crack.
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    Good drill I have used often for the points octavio mentioned. Having no ring however I just keep the rear foot with heel to heavy bag. (My bag sits ever so slightly on the ground). It's good for noobs to learn not to be afraid to get hit and good for isolation of flurry defense. It's just another drill to add to the arsenal. IF that's all you did with no footwork and immediate returning of strikes drills then I might have a counter arguement.

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