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    The Grappling Training Locations Megathread

    This thread will now be an archive that all threads about Training Locations will be merged into after an appropriate period of time (i.e. when I decide the thread offends me). This is a response to the recent trend of lots of viados asking where they should train. Feel free to ask about other posters' gyms and discuss training in your area as well.

    Think of this as a living FAQ of sorts.
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    Well, I have a question about training locations. It's probably a lost cause but you'll never know: does anybody have any information about BJJ-training in Riga (Latvia)?
    The thing is that I might go to an university there and I hate the idea that I have to give up BJJ. I had a go with Google and found this site:
    Unfortunately, it doesn't open. I found some other materials too, but since I don't speak any Latvian I cant make any sence of what I've found.
    Right now I'm training in Tartu (Estonia) and it's fucking awesome here, but for me there's nothing here I'd like to learn, so I have to move next year.

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    I'll post about the some of the places that I know about on Long Island,NY. I'll indicate whether or not I've trained or taken in intro class there.

    Kioto BJJ LI- Massapequa, NY
    The instructors are Kevin Wind Sr. and Kevin Wind Sr. Both are purple belts and certified instructors under Master Francisco Mansor. The classes and curriculum are very structured, personally not for me but I think it's very good for people who aren't very physically coordinated or just like slower paced learning. I trained there for a month unfortunately I only took 5 classes in that time. At the time it was $80 for 1 class a week.

    Kioto BJJ LI- Sayville, NY
    The main instructor here is Milton Regis a Mansur black belt. I have not trained here but I have talked to people who have and I was told they use the same structured curriculum.

    Serra BJJ - Huntington, NY
    Matt and Nick Serra's school. Renzo Gracie black belts. I have not trained here but I did watch a class probably about two years ago. I know this isn't much of an endorsement but I've rolled with two of their students, and advanced white and a purple belt, and well they're better than me.
    For an informative review check here:

    Serra BJJ - East Meadow , NY
    Probably a lot like the Huntington class.

    Vamos BJJ - Holbrook, NY
    The instructors there are Chris and Alex Vamos, Joe D'Arce purple belts. I have taken an intro class with them. I was taught a guard pass, an escape from mount, and 2 submissions. Then about an hour of free rolling. I have rolled with 3 of their blue belts outside of class and they're better than me. If it was cheaper and closer I'd probably train there.

    Shootfighting - Plainview,NY
    It is a separate class taught out of Busto's Karate and Fitness a Tracy Kenpo school in Plainview, NY. While I was shown a couple of guard passes, a sweep from guard and the upa escape from mount, it seems to be run more like a study group than a formal class. We got to do some takedown sparring, think no gi judo, and free rolling. The next class I attended we did some padwork then went straight to grappling sometimes starting from standing sometimes starting from the knees.

    Combat Judo - Massapequa, NY
    The class is run out of Judo sports in Massapequa by Mark Staniszewski (BJJ Purple under Matt Serra and Judo Black belt)and Mike Arcuri (Judo Black/Wrestling coach). It is a completely separate class from the main Judo/Japanese Ju Jitsu classes that are run by the school owner, Sensei Thomas E. Dalvano (Judo Black 4th Dan). I did a review on the Combat Judo class here:
    But the main Judo/Ju Jitsu classes teaches grappling as well. Along with the grappling that is in the Judo and the Kokushiryu Jujutsu they also have a class on Monday specifically for grappling.
    I can't give a reliable opinion on the grappling instruction given in the Kokushiryu Jujutsu classes but since they are taught by a Judo instructor it can't be horrible.
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    Melbourne Australia

    Dominance MMA: Based in Richmond which is 5 minutes on the tram from the CBD. Has classes on BJJ, wrestling and kickboxing. Has a lot of senior guys including two black belts (sometimes more), generally 4 brown belts, half a dozen or more purple belts along with many blue belts and white belts. I alternate running the advanced BJJ classes on Monday nights. Check out

    Hanger 4: Based at Essendon airport in the north of Melbourne. I currently teach classes there every tuesday night. A couple of purple belts along with some blues and white belts.

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    Shah Franco Martial Arts
    Shah is a BJJ black belt under Sylvio Behring and a 7th Dan in Shotokan Karate. BJJ classes are every day at 12:00PM and 8:00PM and Saturdays at 12:00PM. Classes have a minimum of one black belt, and the school also has a comprehensive striking curriculum of Karate and Kickboxing. Hosts the only professional MMA team in Toronto. Private classes available.
    Located in North Toronto, close to Lawrence station on the Yonge subway line.

    Bruckmann Martial Arts
    Justin is a BJJ black belt under Sylvio Behring and a Judo black belt with excellent striking. The school is located in Oshua and has a very spacious and well-equipped training area. MMA clases also available.
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    Paraestra in Japan is unreal for the most part. Most classes are either BJJ or Shooto (MMA) with an occasional No-gi grapplng class. Every gym I have been to has been open with guys coming in and training no-gi even if it is a BJJ day.

    If in Japan, check it out. I have been to the gyms in Chiba prefecture and the class is usually 1 hour of warm up/instruction and then 2 hours of sparring/rolling. Champion fighters and Grapplers are frequent visitors and instructors.

    If you are in Tokyo, hit up The Academia Reversal
    Good fighters and many of the same instructors as the Paraestra Chiba Network.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kfss
    So I decided, now that I have a steady job and free time, I'm going to start learning some jiu jitsu. The only place near me is this place

    There is one other place offering MMA but the schedule of the classes wouldn't work considering I work graveyard shift.

    I was wondering if some one here could clue me in on about how much classes generally cost. I looked on the website and couldn't find a price anywhere. If all else fails I'm going to call the place.

    I'll let you guys know when I actually enroll.. then I can officially change my style to something!

    All feedback welcomed, if you guys have an opinion about Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu and whether or not I should look for a different school, I'd like to hear it... the obligatory flames of course are welcomed with open arms..
    Quote Originally Posted by kfss
    So I called that place, Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu, turns out it's one free class and then $135 per month..

    I'm curious, does that sound about right to you seasoned GJJ/BJJ students?

    I can afford it, I just want to make sure I'm not going to pay way over the amount I should for something I might find cheaper. Then again I couldn't find another place that offers jiu jitsu near me, so maybe I should just take what I can get and quit asking so many fucking questions.

    Either way, I'm going to go check it out in person, just hoped to get some feed back.. thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by AnnaTrocity
    135 a month for unlimited classes in a decent gym doesnt sound to out of line, paticularly if they're all thats in the area.
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    Does anyone have any infomation about Greensborough Mixed Martials arts in Melbourne, Australia?

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    Artemis BJJ | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Bristol
    London, England

    As you'd expect for a capital city, there are plenty of options. I can think of three, the first of which is where I train:

    Roger Gracie Academy
    237 Kensal Rd,
    England, W10 5DB

    Map: Here

    Review: On Bullshido

    Website: Here

    Cost: 90 per month, unlimited classes

    Roger Gracie London
    The Budokwai, 4 Gilston Rd,
    SW10 9SL

    Website: Here

    Cost: 10 per class

    Carlson Gracie London
    56 Glentham Road,
    SW13 9JJ

    Website: Here

    Cost: 8 per class, 70 per month

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    Medway Submission - Strood

    Instructor: Lee Johnson
    Lee was heavily involved in the development of amateur MMA in the UK, pretty much single-handedly writing the currently accepted ruleset. So yeah, he knows what he's about. Classes are pretty freeform. A fairly grueling warmup with running, mat drills and shadow fighting. Usually followed by one or two basic drills and potential variations. After that, open mat time for free-sparring of whatever ruleset you want to fight under.

    Monday: 1930 - 2130
    Thursday: 2000 - 2200

    5 per class if uninsured, 4 per class with insurance

    Call Strood sports center on 01634723888
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