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    Okinawan Fighting Arts of Brandon

    The school uses kata, but little emphasis on it. Hard body conditioning. Kumite (sparring) at least 1 time, out of each 2 sessions per week. Class's are every (Mon Wed) this is located @ the Brandon Rec Center (5:30 pm - 8:00, sometimes 9:00) . If the participants wear gear, they spar full contact. Take downs are used, and encouraged, fighting drills are used every class. Stretching 1st then workout i.e. (pushups, leg lifts, partner crunches, and other exercises) to warmup. Usually followed by, our Uechi Hojoundos. Body conditioning. Kata (if we do it that night), then on to Sparring, or fighting drills, rolling, falling, and takedowns and execute attack .

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    Think any of your students would be interested in travelling to Japan for tourneys? We don't use any gear for the fighting though, and we've had some people get turned off by that.


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