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    There's a pretty good article about him in Vice Magazine:

    In the 80s, Deer Spirit was becoming famous in shamanistic subcuture until he was part of an HBO series Real Sex in 1992 where he touted his sex school as teaching the Cherokee art of sex. The Cherokee were outraged, denounced him, proved he had no connection to them and threatened to sue over the story of his being initiated into Cherokee sex practices by a Phoenix Fire Women when he was 14. He was forced to backtrack and now says his teachings are based on a convenient hodgepodge of bullshit. So metaphysical clichés, along with some kinky perversions, anti-immigrant sentiments, militia ethics, a cult of guns and a few conspiracy theories, you have all the making of a mass-murdering, kiddie-fiddling cult.

    Read the rest at Vice Magazine: A TO Z OF SEXUAL HISTORY: Q - QUODOUSHKA: ANOTHER BULLSHIT SEX CULT - Vice BE****-sex-cult/

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    littleoldme...that about sums up a total whack job. I see this thread has been going for quite a while. Hasn't any legal action been brought on this clown, yet?

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    Given this is an old thread which my predate current MABS posting policy, I've culled all of the non relative posts.

    Just a polite warning to anyone looking in. READ the policies for posting in this forum before you decided to post.
    "To sin by silence when one should protest makes cowards out of men".

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