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    Sounds to me like you should've stopped much sooner, normally you would only need about a week of staying off your stress factured limbs. An ounce of prevention, pound of pain and all that. I suggest staying off your shins, and trying not to stress them too much at all.

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    you're right mate; but it's easy to be wise after the fact. plus i've had little injuries here and there and just ploughed through it, so by the time i got pulled up on this one it was already too late like

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    Enough bullshit.

    Get off the fucking computer.

    Go to a doctor...preferably one with experience treating athletes.

    You need to start physical therapy NOW. If you're already at a high level of pain and a moderate level of mobile difficulty, then you're too late for quick healing.

    Yes, it sucks, and you'll probably miss your fight. Deal with it or else consider the possibility of never running again.


    In case you're wondering why I'm a bit touchy on this subject, I royally fucked my shins in the Marine Corps because I didn't take it seriously.

    Shin Splints -> Stress Fractures -> Fractures

    I've been through 3 doctors (military and civilian), 5 physical therapists, and an acupuncturist. Because I didn't nip the problem in the bud, I've been told that I'll probably have diminished weight bearing capacity (read "Impact Activities" like running) for the rest of my life.

    I haven't even hit thirty yet and I lost the ability to run.


    So quit fucking around on the internet, put your life on hold and attend to your injuries.

    God bless and the best of luck.

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