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    Creighton MMA In Duluth, GA

    I have had the pleasure of training at quite a few Gym's in Ga. I can honestly say that out of all of them I like Creighton MMA the best. Paul is not only a very decorated competitor of numerous Martial Arts. He is also an excellent intructor and trainer as well. We do BJJ classes on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning's. The MMA class schedule is for Monday and Wednesday night, with emphasis on the striking aspect of MMA, along with takedown, and takedown defense training; As well as Ground and Pound instruction.

    Paul has obtained a black belt in BJJ under Renzo Gracie's instruction with his time he spent in New York. He has a Shodan rank in Judo, as well as an fourth degree black belt in JJJ. He also holds a black belt in karate, as well as a few records in collegicate wrestling. He is great at teaching new techniques, and running drills. He also makes sure we get in plenty of rolls in th BJJ classes, and plenty of sparring done in the MMA classes.

    The attitude of the Academy is great, all the students are humble and open minded to new techniques, as well as new students. Paul never overlooks any questions, and you always feel like your getting good quality Martial Arts intruction. He has us do pad work in the MMA classes for about five two minute rounds, and then we do free sparring, with headgear, and MMA gloves of course.

    Before every class we warm up by stretching, and dpoing some cardio exercises. Also the quality of students that are there is amazing, alot of the guys compete, and usually do quite well. There are no ego trips though, and everyone is there to learn and train.

    He is the only Instructor that I have met, that has a belt ranking system for his MMA course. Which goes hand in hand with rank you recieve in BJJ. He does this in order to properly prepare you for the MMA competition scene. This way you spend the same amount of time training striking, ground and Pound, takedown defense, and submissions, this way you are well rounded in all area of MMA, and not just really strong in one. He also teaches kids self defense classes as well, which he does very well in the transition from teaching kids to adults. He has a very organized and structered program all around, which makes for smooth operation of the school, and it's students.

    Well that is my review of my new MMA school, I enjoy the classes, and look forwrd to training and competing under Paul Creighton for many years to come.

    Thank you for reading,

    Chance Beck
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    About how much will Paul Creightons school cost me?


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