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    Seeking Contact with Students of the Late Keith Cullors

    Good day everyone, John Miller here.
    I have been gone for some time from this foruum and note that not many read the newby town threads, so I will now post my most relevant question here.

    It is an investigation of sorts, if I have posted in the wrong forum I am sure someone will let me know, mods, please move the thread to the proper location if that is the case.

    I have been attempting to contact fellow students of the Late Sifu Keith Cullors of Sapulpa Oklahoma. Some of the innitial question is not required here, as I have since found My old Sifu's Grand Master (His Sifu's Sifu as Kung Fu traces Lineage) for continued training with my first love so to say.

    I would still be most gratefull if anyone in this forum has, and will share information concerning my old class mates as I hate to see the line of my late Sifu so thin.

    Here is what i have so far.

    Keith Cullors had began and mostly completed his training under Sifu Don Morrison of Broken Arrow Ok, who I have contacted and now train under.

    Siifu Cullors completed his training and was promoted to black sash by a fellow student, David Terry, who obtained black sash ahead of him and opened a school in Sapupla OK where Cullors lived.

    Upon Sifu Terry's departure to ARMY, Sifu Cullors took over the school and ran it himself, being cut off for verious reasons from their original Sifu who had been forced to close his school and could not be contacted.

    The students I am looking for would have trained with Sifu Cullors from about 1983-84 to early 90's. Though I have fouund the means to complete my training in the same Lineage, and Sifu Morrison has allowed me to include my old Sifu in the family tree (even though I did not test under Cullors), I would still like to make contact with fellow students.

    As such, if anyone reading this thread has trained with Sifu Cullors or knows of others who have the information would be well received.

    Thank you and God bless,,
    John Miller.

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    This is an old thread, but it looks like I am still the first to respond.
    I knew Keith when I was a small child, but no idea where any of his other students are now. You might try contacting the Gojo guys over there, he has been there for a long time.

    Just for the record though, I do remember things Keith said about another instructor other than Don Morrison, I got the impression he had trained a good many years before they met.
    Good luck in your search, if it is even still underway.


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