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    Butterfly Stretches

    I've been working on increasing my flexibility lately, particularly in my lower body, and everyone says that I need to do butterfly stretches. I have a weird imbalance in the flexibility of my hips where my left is much more flexible than the other. Because of this I am able to play rubber guard with my left leg and can touch my head with my left foot, but come nowhere close on my right side. I'm right handed by the way. Strangely enough, my right hamstring is much more flexible than my left.

    Anyways, back in the day when I did butterfly stretches, I would feel the stretch in my groin/inner thigh, which I'm pretty sure is where you're supposed to feel it. After doing them a lot and my inner thigh flexibility increasing, I don't feel it in my inner thighs anymore but solely in my outer hip, more so my right than in my left. It's the same kind of pain that I feel when I sit indian style (left knee touches the ground, right knee is at like a 45 degree angle), but not the same stretch I feel when I play rubber guard. I say pain because it's not the same kind of stretching pain I feel when I stretch other parts of my body.

    Is this type of pain in the outer hip normal while doing butterfly stretches? Is my right knee just not meant to touch the ground?

    And yes, I do them with my back straight up against a wall.

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    Could it be that your piriformis muscle on your right side is shorter/irritated?


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