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    Recovering for pneumonia

    So for the past 3 weeks I have been out with pneumonia, lost 15 pounds and havent done a damn thing due to not being able to breath. So now I can function almost normally, once the heart rate get's going then it becomes a problem, breathing that is. So, does anyone have any tip's or good advice other then taking it slowly? which I am.

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    Well, I am a newbie here but I also have had Pneumonia. In fact I still have some lung scars from it. It can really kill your endurance. I would say keep following the doctors orders, take whatever medicine he gives you and try to train in a warm humid environment. The rapid breathing cools the lung tissue and it becomes hard to breath. Breathing steam from hot water helped me relax my lungs a little.

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    Follow your Doctor's advice TO THE LETTER. Ask him what excercies you can and can't do and work your fitness back up slowly.
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    I'll periodically get bouts of nasty lung crud also.

    Besides following the medical advice, I like:

    Doing the steam, as posted above; closed up in yr bathroom, a hottub or a steam sauna.

    ---In that environment, you can experiment with some deep breathing and stretching to see if you can cough up and expectorate any green crud. If you're successful, it will hurt like a SOB. But its good to get any remaining crud up and out.

    Experiment around with herb teas, find something which helps cut your mucous. Don't do too much dairy or anything which makes more mucous while you're still sick.

    Once its clearing, getting out on warm sunny days and walking or MILDLY exercising myself out in the warm sun seems to help dry things out. I'll even wear a black shirt and bake a little, but don't overdo it!

    I always eat garlic, and I also take grapefruitseed extract, which is supposed to help versus many infections. I can't say for sure if it works, but its relatively cheap as supplements and remedies goes, natural, and doesn't appear to hurt.

    Hope this helps.


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