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    BC Westen, Cologne, Germany

    The BC Westen -short for "Box Club Westen" (wich is german but translates pretty easy into english)- is the second oldest (founded 1924) of several boxing clubs in Cologne (the oldest is SC Colonia, founded 1904, thus beeing the oldest boxing club in Germany).

    General: The BC westen is a non-profit boxing only club, aimed at competing amateurs, about half of all members are or have been competing. Many of our athletes are young, in their late teens and early twenties. They don't take part in nation wide competitions at the moment, but in local and regional ones (this was different in the late sixties, early seventies, the golden age of our club :smile: ).

    Facilities: Training takes place in two different locations, on mondays and thursdays we train in the gym of a school - this is the 'big' gym- on wendsdays and fridays we train in our own gym, wich is very small (and a bit shabby). Both locations have heavybags, only the small gym has a ring, speedbags and double end bags are missing in both. Both gyms cover your basic needs like showers and changing rooms, but nothing fancy like vending machines or lockers. To say that the gyms are clean would be a bit of an exaggeration, but you wont become ill just by doing push ups on the floor.

    Training: Classes are four times a week, about 1.5 h each, allthough there's extra training before competitions, and we're on friendly terms with another gym, where our competing athletes can train for free once or twice a week. The class usually starts with a warm up - jumping, running, sprints and tossing medicin balls and the like. After warm up, its time for shadow-boxing (2-3 rounds). The next part is sparring and bag work. In the bigger gym there's enough space for all to spar, and we spar a lot, usually 6 rounds (normally 2 minute rounds, every now and then we do 3 minute rounds). Sparring is (allmost) mandatory and starts early, the 2nd or 3rd time someone attents class (with the exception of young children). In the small gym sparring only takes place in the ring, thus only two people can spar at the same time, we take turns and the rest hits the bags. After sparring we jump rope and finish training with gymnastics (mostly stretching and abdominal training). The club has 3 trainers licensed by the DOSB (the german NOC), all three were competing amateurs when they were younger (one of them has 124 amateur bouts under his belt and was a member of the national german boxing team).

    People: People are very friendly and relaxed, trainers are very helpfull. People know each other, drive each other home etc. We have several people comming to crosstrain from kickboxing, muay thai and mma, too. In general the atmosphere is quite familial (we have old geezers (who fought in the 50s) sitting on the sides giving advice to the younger ones, they dont train anymore but still they belong there and take part in the club).

    Pricing: Membership contracts are annual only, but very cheap, 132 euro per year for adults, 72 euro per year for unemployed and competing amateurs and 48 euro for kids. The first 2-3 weeks are free, gloves and jump ropes for beginnes are provided, people who decide to stay are encouraged to buy their own gloves, if they can afford them.

    Web site: Completely outdated, very little usefull information and ugly, too.
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