Well that about somes that up but there are about 3 tournaments held here in CA that you can attend as well as about 8 across this nation. Not to meniton that iska has a san shou division, and then there's draka (Russian kickboxing with throws) and Koushu (Cantonese for San shou). There are respective rules that you would need to be aware of in order to train.

There are no ring ropes for the lei tai (fighting platform), 3 points if you throw your opponent off. 3 points if you fall off lol. 3 points if you throw somebody hard and you remain standing. 2 points for a throw, 1 point for a take down or a flubbed throw. Once the knee hits the ground you are considered taken down or if there are more than 2 limbs on the lei tai at 1 time. 1 point for leg kick, 1 point for stunning kick to body. 3 points for any effective spinning techniques. 3 points for an 8 counts. If you recieve 3 eight counts round is over and all points are awarded to your opponent. Knock out automatic win. There is to be no more that 3 consecutive punches to the head at any time.

There are more rules but that's the scoring system. BTW they will not stop during punching and kicking to give you the point they will just tally them as the match goes on.