Brock Vickerson is an absolutely fantastic sensei. He's very kind and funny, yet takes his studies and teaching very seriously. He works very closely with the Dai-sensei family (Yagi) and has published at least one book on Meibukan. Anyone who is looking for serious martial arts training and body conditioning, training that does not get used in a MMA league, this is the place to go. Class sizes are usually fairly small and the dojo is small, yet intimate. This ensures that everyone gets the attention they require, no one gets ignored. Sensei Vickerson also works wonders for children, so this dojo is especially good for anyone looking to create the roots to build upon.

There is no competitive sparring in Meibukan, as the style is more geared towards self-control and the more advanced techniques can be far too dangerous to allow in competition. This is a style for either starting your journey into martial arts, or to follow for a lifetime.