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    Kevin Randleman Hospitalized

    From MMA Weekly.

    Internet message boards lit up today with rumors of Kevin Randleman being hospitalized. Unfortunately, those rumors are not just rumors. They are true.

    According to Randleman's friend and training partner Wes Sims, Randleman was admitted to the hospital a few days ago and remains there today. Sims did not have much detailed information about Randleman's condition, "He's in the hospital, but I haven't even been able to talk to him yet." Sims did verify that it was a severe problem with his kidneys including some degree of failure.

    The degree of Randleman's kidney failure was not disclosed, so it is very difficult to assess his chances for a complete recovery and/or a return to fighting. WebMD.com, however, says of kidney failure, "...the kidneys have an amazing capacity to heal themselves. This means most patients who survive acute kidney failure can enjoy a complete recovery within one to two months. Some patients, however, need a year or so before their kidneys are fully functional again. Others, whose kidneys have been severely damaged, may go on to chronic kidney failure."

    It was unclear at the time of publication how long that Randleman will need to stay hospitalized to treat his kidney problems, nor what his expected chances for a full recovery are.

    Make your steroid cracks now, hope he comes back from this to form.
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    That sucks. Randleman rules...

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    *insert witty comment about "roidleman"*

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    randleman is an amazing athlete and a great fighter. however it is clear to anyone with a brain that the guy has used steroids, in fact all of hammer house is quite obviously on "the juice."

    i sincerely hope he recovers from this and gets back into the ring, but if this can be tied to steroid use, i hope it wakes some people up.
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    I have a friend whose brother has kidney failure and needs dialysis. Lots of suffering for the patient and extremely expensive too.

    I'm hoping Kevin Randleman hasn't reached that stage. Hopefully, his kidney problem is acute rather than chronic.

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    Nothing more needs to be said about this. We all know what's up.

    I hope those "roids aren't bad for you " people hear this. This guy had trainers, doctors, and a whole team behind him, and he still wrecked his kidneys.

    Juice=bad for you.
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    All of this reminds me of that sad case of Andreas Munzer's passing (RIP)... severe dehydration, high potassium levels and liver and kidneys turned to goo (literaly) causing his untimely death at the prime of his life (30).

    I sincerely hope this is nothing but a minor complication for Randleman, but as Scrapper said, it is obvious what's happening here. This should turn into yet, one more red flag for some.

    But most important, let's us all wish a rapid and complete recovery for "The Monster".
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    Randleman gets hospitalized for life-threatening health issues once a year like clockwork. I feel for the guy, but it's hard to get excited about it anymore.
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    MMAWeekly.com reported last week that Kevin "The Monster" Randleman was hospitalized, his body basically shutting down and nearing kidney failure. Fortunately, he made it to the hospital in time to avert what surely would have been disaster.

    Randleman's wife, Elizabeth, said that his CPK levels reached a measurement of 68,000. A measurement of 150 is considered normal. What this means is that Randleman's muscles were shutting down and if they hadn't got it under control, his organs would start to follow suit.

    Much of the problem stemmed from complications following several surgeries and Randleman's refusal to slow down and let his body fully recover before resuming his normal routine resulting in him having to be on I.V. antibiotics for an extended period of time, which is stressful on the body.

    The doctor's at St. Rose in Las Vegas, Nev. were able to flush out his system and lower his CPK levels. According to Elizabeth, "Kevin was released from the hospital and is doing very good. His CPK is down to 2,000, which is a long way from 68,000." She continued, "He canít do anything until it gets to 150 and stays there for a week or so. Other than him being somewhat stir crazy, he is very good."

    Randleman spoke to Damon Martin and Jeff Cain on MMAWeekly's SoundOff radio show last week from his hospital room. "I can honestly say, that no matter whatever happens in my life, I have been blessed," said an introspective Randleman.

    He even touched on the issue of his failed drug test following the Shogun fight on Pride's U.S. debut last October in Las Vegas. "If you're going to be a man, you have to stand up for what is right. I made a very bad mistake. I did something wrong. I want everyone to understand that I am so sorry to my fans, to MMA... I am going to accept everything that I get," said Randleman.

    Randleman said, "I don't take performance enhancing drugs" and went on to explain that, following 11 surgeries in 16 months, he was on so many antibiotics and pain pills that he was afraid he may not be allowed to fight. But he reiterated, "From the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry for the deception. It is not my right to fight; it is an honor for me to fight."

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    Randleman said, "I don't take performance enhancing drugs"
    So roids don't count as 'performance enhancing drugs' if you get your ass beat? Good to know.
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