Dude, the problem in Minnesota has more to do with subpar higienic conditions and that wrong tests were being carried out.
Herpes doesnt survive long outside the body, so I don't think mat cleaning (which at my gym only happens once a day) has much to do with this. If wrestling clubs don't clean their mats once a day that could lead to other problems (like ringworm) but I dont think herpes is one of them.

You're right about the wrong tests being carried out by the docs.

Now, I'm all for it for testing, but you, I, all of us need to be a bit more educated about this, and have some perspective.
sounds good to me.

I can be tested for HIV today, and if the test comes negative, it simply means that for the past 6 months I have had no detectable levels of the HIV virus. HIV takes up to 6 months to set in to levels that can be detected.
Common HIV (elisa) tests don't actually screen for the HIV virus but for antibodies produced by the body in response to HIV infection.

I don't think anyone feels that testing is a bulletproof defense against transmittable diseases. Believe it or not you're not the only one who's read those bold print pamphlets on STD's at the walk in clinic.

Negative results in a test simply means that the chances of you being infected are far less.

Do you do that? Would you? Have any of you ever even thought of this?
Again you seem to be under the impression you're the only guy around who's figured out how to swallow after chewing.

I don't control my sparring partners hygienic or sexual habits, though, and that's why I'd like testing.