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Thread: The Mat Spaz

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    We actually have lots of all sizes. If everyone showed up on the same day, there wouldn't be room in the gym. We're really starting to go off.

    That DAY though, it was like all the smaller guys stayed home. Our coach was like, "Man . . . I'm going to think back on stuff you use on bigger guys. I should have payed more attention to that stuff"

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    Johnny, the new "spaz" and I are the big three in the gym. I kinda hate calling him a spaz because he's a good guy and all. He just doesn't know when to quit. I am not even certain if the coach has said anything to him about it yet. **** happens and 2 days later I have calmed down more, well now that I can swallow food without chokeing. The dude doesn't know his own stregnth and get's too pumped up and doesn't keep aware of **** going on around him. That's and it's a little hard you yell "RAPE" when a dudes got your adams apple shoved up into your nostril.

    I'll roll with you anytime Johnny. I'll work on those 8ILB baby Jesus ankles of yours.
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