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    Ronin Do

    SUNDBYBERG, Sweden - Ronin Do

    Ronin Do is a selfdefence system utilizing techniques mainly from karate and jiujitsu.
    There are many tecniques from Aikido, Muay Thai, Kickboxning, English Boxning, Kobudo included as well, and also from more modern arts like shootfighting.
    It also aims to learn techniques from other styles, adapting what works well and including it in the style.

    It was founded in Sweden in 2004 by Mats Tverin, who decided to leave Castro Cocatre Sefdefence and form his own style.
    It is therefore influenced by Castro Cocatre Selfdefence, and that style's predecessor; Ecole Cocatre internationale de Bushido.
    This last style, founded by Raymond Cocatre, is based on several asian styles and some european (poignard for one).
    One of the most important aspects that is common for all three styles is an adaptation of the asian styles to a pattern of movements and stances suited to westerners/europeans.

    The style aims to be effective on the street and therefore includes fighting against mutilple and/or armed opponents.
    For the same reason, defence against an opponent armed with firearms is not included, since they are still fairly rare on the streets in sweden.
    It should be mentioned that the "fighting against multple opponents" part actually means to take down a person or two, if cornered or similar, and then run away.

    That the style uses techniques from many other MA's is based on the philosophy "use what works and keep an open mind".
    That said, the style is primarily standing, because it views getting to the ground in a selfdefence situation as bad. Particularily if you face several opponents.
    However, groundfighting is included as well, so you will have a chance if you get on the ground anyway.

    The training includes everything from using your opponent as a 'mark' for a technique and not hitting him at all, to full contact.

    Since the style is geared towards selfdefence it's not intended for competition, though there is no hinderance if anyone wishes to enter any competition.
    Currently (up to january 2007) there is one practioner who competes regularily.

    To give a broader understanding of the overall workings of self defence there are also theoretical and practial lessons in anatomy, physiology, basic massage and injury treatment, and stretching.
    These are also a part of the criteria for advancing in rank from green belt and up.

    Order of belts are:
    Black, 1st dan
    Black w. two yellow stripes, 2nd dan
    Black w. three yellow stripes, 3rd dan
    Black/white, 4th dan
    Black/red, 5th dan
    Red/white, 6th dan
    Red/white, 7th dan
    Red, 8th dan
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    hur langed ta det fran stockholm :wrestlerf


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