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    Quote Originally Posted by patfromlogan
    UFC has too much pro wrestling type bs. K1 and Pride may be run by the yakuzi or whatever, but atleast we don't have this evergoing bs about tito vs sham, tito vs chuck, tito sucks my balls and so forth.
    LOL. I was at the IFL fights last friday night.

    Some great fights - this one guy got triangled and choked out.

    When Ken Shamrock came out people started chanting "Tito! Tito! Tito!".

    Rude. But hysterical.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UpaLumpa
    This displays great ignorance. Pride in particular has always been about spectacle and is often more interested in freak shows than solid fights.
    You're going to rant about this minor issue when in Japan we've seen Genki fight Butterbean; Giant Silva ever fight; washed up sumo wrestlers and two individuals (zulu jr and sapp) whose claims to fame were size?
    I only watch replays of my Kyokushin heroes.
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    Well glad to know you admit your ignorance.

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