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    I met D. Jordon once. I don't know him personally. This is my opinion on him. He may teach good WC, but as far as his business practices are their unscrupulous. He does not respect other teachers-(unless their part of his WVTAA, of which he founded). It's my opinion that when he sells his DVD's to an individual he sets out to try get them to start a charter school, making them head instructors, (feeds ego, his and theirs). He will still try to get the individual to start the charter school like the Mc-Dojos out there even if its next to another WC school,(not good business nor respectable). I could care less about this other than he's taken students away from our school with these tactics. People can get a black sash very fast. Ironically he only teaches privately now and you can go on a waiting list, after you get the DVD's I suspect. Their also learning things like grappling and aspects of other arts,(which I think is good) but is not authentic WC. I'm no forums ***** by putting this hater entry but in case you think so my name is Wayne King Jr.
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    Link didn't work but this sounds AWESOME!

    Kind of like the Gracie Garage and correspondence program for Wing Chun!

    I can't wait to submit my video to earn my red sash!

    All praises due to yip man.

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