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    I was talking to everyone willing to answer :)

    I was meaning more are thais fighting MMA regularly and is it showing up on fight cards? I know the thai people also like western boxing, so I was curious if MMA was catching on or if it is seen as a "rival' to muay thai.

    your answers were informative, though.

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    There have been a few MMA fights down here in Phuket.
    Will (TMT owner) & Ray (MMA coach) are working hard to get the MMA scene going down here in Phuket. There are plans for a stadium with a cage in the not to distant future & they have built a good working relationship with the guys from Bangkok Fight Club.

    In fact in 2 weeks Ngoo one of the trainers here is having his first MMA fight in Bangla stadium.

    For the most part Thais don't get MMA, Muay Thai is their naional sport & as far they're concerned the pinnacle of fighting .... But the minute a Thai starts making a name (& mon ey) in MMA they'll change their minds.
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    Had fun at mine, 2001. Spicy food. I used my leave for 2 years to go travel and fight train, emulating Ryu. Made stops in Thailand, Brazil, Japan, and around the US.

    Not too many other 225(then) lb black guys there, but I didn't feel out of place.

    MMA is gaining in popularity in Thailand last I was there. There are several dedicated Muay-Thai for MMA type camps going right now, about 5ish that I can name off the top of my head. They've been having MMA events there for about a year now or so.

    I think it will get big as now the lighter-weight Thai boxers can maybe take their skills to the resurgent light-weight mma divisions in the big leagues.

    Phuket, Kata beach...mmmm.

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    I'm here now. Alive. Sore. Buffman is as buff as his name indicates, but far less jockular. Thais are hilarious.

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