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    good point about the difference between pro and amateur weigh ins. I didn't even think about it. Also watch things like salt intake and other activities that will cause extra water retention. Being a woman you have a harder time with the fluctuations than men due to menstural cycle and such.

    My wife has been doing Jenny Craig and she has been losing anywhere from 2 to 4lbs a week. Not that I'd recommend Jenny but maybe some kind of controlled food diet might be an option too if it interests you.

    I understand your reasons for wanting to drop the weight, I'm at about 205lbs right now and I'm 5' 8" which means most of the people I'd be fighting are going to mostly be over 6' tall and have a distinct reach advantage so I want to drop down to 185lbs myself. Though I want to give myself about another 6 to 8 months of training before I start seeking out amateur fights so I'm in no hurry at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnnaTrocity
    Well Walgreens had hydroxycut on sale so I went for a bottle of it which I started taking today. It probably hasnt had enough time to work yet.

    But I'll post any progress here.
    Did the hydroxycut work? What's your experience with it?


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    Havn't read the whole post so ignore if this has already been said. "weight loss suppliments" is really just another word for stimulants. Accelerating the metabolic process pretty much is the realm of stimulants so the only legal way the suppliement manufacturers can go about it is to use either caffiene or ephedra. Ephidra is banned in Australia but I think still legal in the U.S. You can use caffiene during the day to increase metabolism and depress hunger, remember to rehydrate with a liter of water per unit of caffiene though. Also there is quite a decent body of evidence that caffiene before cardio can increase workout rate and intensity (therefore oxidising more fat) and also has a glycogen sparing effect. This means that a slightly smaller percentage of energy will come from muscle glycogen and raise the percent which comes from fat. (which is a good thing for weight loss).

    The thing to remember about suplliments is that they are only 5% of the whole program. I assume your training is good and you include regular low intensity-high duration cardio, the other thing of course is diet. Use high fiber foods that fill you up, snack on fresh fruit like apples which are great for curbing hunger, are nutrient dense and low kilojule (calories for you yanks) Eat a good breakfast like a bowl of porride which will provide a slow release of energy throughout the morning and keep you feeling full. Eat regular small meals throughout the day and reist the urge to go without food then have big meals in the evening. The other pillar of a good health program is general lifestyle. Reduce alcohol consumption, even better eliminate it. Get a solid 8 hours rest every evening. Try and stay as stress free as possible.

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    Listen folks, the advice that SDave is spot on. I did some research and tried a sample of the Phentermine and I'm going to get a script for it. I started small with the Eon lab's generic 15 mg dosage, taken once a day prior to breakfast. The combination of the Phentermine and a minimal change in my diet [I'm getting around to it - don't rush me bitches] already lead to a noticeable change in my physique within a week.

    I also felt like the energy boost I got was cleaner than coffee, and it was much better than the old ECA stack. Honestly, the old ECA stack worked - there was actual research done in addition to the mounds of anectodal claims. But there really is nothing out there right now that compares in efficacy to the ECA stack, regardless of what you read in Muscle and Fiction. In addition, when you take the OTC supplements you are trusting that you are actually getting what you pay for.

    But hey, if that does persuade you, try this - the generic version of Phentermine that I used costs $30 a month (30 pills). Compare that to Hydroxycut, HotROXXXXX, or whatever else you would rather try.

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