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    Our very own veteran member, and co-founder I Choke You represented Bullshido.com at this event. He got the scoop on the results, but here's their official release on it and more info on future events.

    Adrenaline Fighting Championships were a hit!!

    The inaugural Adrenaline Fighting Championships, held July 25 at the Langley
    Civic Center, was an impressive evening for all those in attendance. All 11
    matches were exciting, with fans standing on their seats for virtually all
    night. The following are the results from this event.

    1. Chris Peak def. Marcus Hicks via Kimura - R1

    2. Adam Lynn def. Garrett Davis via TKO (Towel) - R3

    3. Roy Doepker def. Mike Marshalleck via Referee Stoppage (Strikes) - R1

    4. Greg Murdock def. Jeremy Humphrey via Referee Stoppage (Strikes) - R1

    5. Baz Cunningham def. Paul Forde via Unanimous Decision

    6. Cory MacDonald def. Danny Dlask via Unanimous Decision

    7. Linda Langerak def. Kim Forsyth via Kimura - R1

    8. Kalib Starnes def. Wayne Atkinson via Rear Naked Choke - R1

    9. Jody Ingalles def. John Punt via Referee Stoppage (Strikes) - R1

    10. Jason MacDonald def. Ulysses Castro via Rear Naked Choke - R2

    11. Chris Brennan def. Jason St. Louis via Arm Bar - R1

    There is a comprehensive article by Arnold Lim on the web page.

    Thank you to all those media that covered our event. We hope that we
    provided you with the best amenities possible. We also would like to thank
    all the fans for making this event special.

    Our Next Adrenaline Event is booked for November 29, 2003 at the Langley
    Civic Center. This event will build upon where we left off, with bigger and
    better matches. We look forward to seeing you there.

    Jim Nichols
    Adrenaline Fighting Championships


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    Good times.
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    Chris Brennan kind of looks like someone smacked him in the face with a REALLY HEAVY frying pan.
    "All warfare is based on deception." -Sun Tzu, ca. 400BC

    Reverse punch Kiaii!!!

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    Yeah, but he's not a bad fighter... pretty well rounded from what I've seen.

    What was up with him wearing a T-shirt in that one KOTC? I never figured out what the point of that was... was it cold there, or was he hiding a tattoo he got when drunk or something?


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