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    Last couple of weeks before a fight

    Ok, I'm having my first amatuer boxing match coming up in three weeks. The next two weeks I plan to work out pretty hard and recover during the last week. My routine has been working on mits and bag work 4 times per week with light sparring twice a week on saturdays and wednesdays. My conditioning routine involves running 4 times per week and 5X10s 2 times (burpee-pushup-sprint-crunch) per week before the gym.

    I've been kind of nervous the last couple of days and wondering if this is enough. My question, Is there anything else I should be doing during the next three weeks to prepare? During the last week should I work out at all or just go in to get a little sweaty? Does anyone have a sort of pre fight routine they do before an actual fight?

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    At 3 weeks out your conditioning should already be, or really close to where you want it. If not then start your prefight routine farhter out from your fight. Do enough to maitain your conditioning level but don't push it and run the risk of injury so close to a fight.
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