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    Knee support for judo

    I was wondering if someone could recommend some good knee wraps/supports for judo?I'm looking for something that I can move around easily in but still provides a good level of protection for my knees.

    Thanks very much for any advice.

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    There are a few options... but personally I thought the heavier duty knee supports you get from Boots (presuming you are in the UK) were rather good. All the beefy ones are the same design, price (about 16 usually) and made out of similar stuff. If I remember rightly it doesn't have much material in behind the knee so your movement is essentially unimpeded while you still get the same level of support.

    The other type you can get which are about 6 are Tubey-Grip supports (like a tight elastic sock). This is what I'm currently using for rehashing my dodgey knees... but the only problem is it can get in the way a little when your knee is bent right back because of course you have a huge chunk of fabric in the pit behind the knee. None the less you get decent support and they certainly don't move. Machine washable as well to get rid of sweat.

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    I think this is the best kneepad out there. I have had a pair for 1 year and they are just starting to tear up. I highly recommend them.


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