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    Re the How To Win A Street Fight thing. I think it should have been more accurately titled "How to survive a confrontation in the street".
    I found some points meritorius, though... don't kick above the knee, run, use a bus as a defensive weapon (I may have misunderstood that point, granted...) hit with the palm of your hand, prepare yourself mentally to be hit... and you have to remember that it's written for people with zero experience of confrontation (seemingly).
    That said, it doesn't appear to be revelationary and most info can be found in most RBSD books.

    I'd like to see a version written for seasoned street-fighters, brawlers and bouncers... featuring the spit maneouver, the take and break, and of course the groin/shoulder rocket. Happy days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Epicurus
    ...says the man with Shinya Aoki's "rape me" pants as his avatar right now.
    No comment.

    Quote Originally Posted by oldman34
    ****....have you seen the chicks that take yoga classes?
    A very valid point, and yes I have(flexible chicks ftw), but it wont matter because they will all think you are gay for taking the class.

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